Restaurant Openings: El Fish Shack, Noi Due Cafe, Mimi Cheng’s

El Fish Shack’s stuffed lobster (with shrimp, scallops and chimichurri).

El Fish Shack is a new restaurant coming to 153 Amsterdam Avenue between 66th and 67th Street. El Fish Shack has another location in Astoria, and plans to offer “a contemporary American spin on the traditional New England fish and seafood eatery. Chef Julian Medina, and Louis Skibar celebrate the foods from the sea and serve daily caught fresh fish, whole lobsters, and more from grilled to chilled. Chef Julian adds his signature Mexican touches, alongside celebrating the local flavors of Astoria’s diverse food culture.” See the Astoria menu here. It’s expected to open in March or April. (Louis Skibar is also the owner of Old John’s Luncheonette, which is reopening right next door to El Fish Shack.)

Noi Due Cafe has opened its new location in the former home of Le Petit Rooster at 491 Columbus Avenue near 84th Street. Noi Due, a Kosher restaurant, moved from its space at 143 West 69th Street, and will open a new concept on West 69th after a brief closure. The new spot is open from 11 a.m. until 10 p.m., with brunch served every day from 11 to 4. They have outdoor dining with heaters. See the menu here.

Mimi Cheng’s has now put up its awning at 309 Amsterdam Avenue, between 74th and 75th Streets. Mimi Cheng’s is a a downtown chain known for its handmade Taiwanese dumplings. Check out their website here. They have not responded to a question on when they plan to open.

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    1. Brandon says:

      I’m excited about El Fish Shack. That spot has been empty for a decade.

    2. Janis says:

      As a Rhode Island native I only have one question for Chef Julian Medina, and Louis Skibar. What, no clam cakes or fried clam rolls? No self respecting New England seafood restaurant should be without them. I’d be happy to send them my recipe.
      The Po Boy, the Lobster, the Quahogs, and the rest of the menu all sound delicious. I so look forward to the opening of El Fish Shack.
      Or as we say in RI, the whole menu sounds “wicked good.”

      • Dee says:

        RI native #2 here. Clam cakes, fried whole belly clams, and Clear Broth Chowder please! And steamers…

    3. Ethan says:

      Good luck Fish Shack. But be aware: Wok City rules that block, in its own quiet way. And with good reason.

    4. Sharon Katz says:

      Looking at that outrageously gorgeous lobster platter, I am so excited about El Fish Shack, I’m starting a special “lobster fund” now!

    5. Gar says:

      That’s where babeth feast used to be. Bet that business would do well during the pandemic.

    6. blahzay says:

      Glad a locally owned biz is going in where Candle Bar was. Such a bummer it had to be closed by a chain frozen food store.