Inauguration Scenes: Flags, Cheering and a Bernie Meme

Photo by Heidi Stubner.

Upper West Siders celebrated Inauguration Day on Wednesday in simple pandemic-appropriate ways. There were flags in windows, and Best Bottles NYC on Broadway between 80th and 81st opened early to supply the bubbly.

When Joe Biden was sworn in as president, cheers and pot-banging could be heard throughout the neighborhood.

And Zabar’s came through with a Bernie Sanders meme, photoshopping an image of him bundled up for the ceremony:

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    1. Ken says:

      Bernie isn’t waiting for fish; he’s still waiting for the Democrats to nominate a true progressive.

      • I Go Joe! says:

        Oh, fer shure!
        And then that will become a “gift-that-keeps-on-giving” for the Republicans, who will happily trot out their standard “Leftist/Socialist/Communist diatribes.
        Doubt it? Some are already labeling V.P. Harris as “Communist Kamala”.
        Thankfully the more centrist Democrats are NOT blind to this reality.
        As Good Old Confucius said: “Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without.”

      • Roseann Milano says:

        One step at a time… the ‘Consertives’ will kill anything a Progressive considers normal.

      • UWShumor says:

        Thank goodness we dodged that bullet. Not the progressive part but the “true progressive” part, whatever that means.

      • Paul says:

        Maybe he should join the party?
        And do a better job of convincing people?
        Bernie got 45% of the primary vote in 2016. He raised tens of millions and had four years to improve on his showing.
        He got 35% of the primary votes in 2020.

        That ought to have some impact on him and his supporters but so far the lesson seems to be lost.

    2. Pete says:

      He gone. let’s hope he never comes back to New York.

    3. chriscross says:

      It should have been Bernie in 2016.
      It should have been Bernie in 2020.
      Biden is a shadow.
      Harris is a question mark.
      Bernie’s the one.
      He got robbed, twice.

      • UWShumor says:

        Bernie caused Clinton to lose and Trump to win in 2016,
        He then generated a lot of confusion in 2020 with his unrealistic ideas,
        The democrats rejected him twice in a big way,
        Hope for good from politics he fades away.
        Given the way he was dressed in DC,
        Maybe Florida residence he should be seeking!

        • Linda says:

          Nooooo, Clinton caused Clinton to lose. She was a lousy, tone-deaf candidate who stayed with the same lousy, tone-deaf campaign staff.

      • UWS Dad says:

        “he got robbed, twice” Sounds like something the other party has been trumpeting for weeks now…..

    4. charles becker says:

      Liberal New Yorkers are waiting for the government bailout of the big blue states,