Vaccine Update: Mt. Sinai to Resume Vaccinations on Wednesday, as City Warns It’s Running Out

By Carol Tannenhauser

Mt. Sinai Hospital will resume giving Covid-19 vaccinations across its health system, including second doses, on Wednesday, January 20th, after receiving a shipment of the vaccine on Tuesday, January 19th, according to Elizabeth Dowling, the hospital’s media director. Mt. Sinai abruptly canceled vaccination appointments last Friday, January 15th, “due to sudden changes in vaccine supply,” Dowling said at the time.

“We received a shipment of vaccine today,” she emailed WSR. “This supply will allow us to proceed with appointments scheduled for this Wednesday, and will ensure sufficient supply for second doses.”

Mayor Bill de Blasio, on the other hand, announced in a press conference this morning that New York City is on the verge of running out of Covid-19 vaccine. “At this rate,” he said, “we will run out on Thursday and hit zero on Friday. We will not be able to give shots at a lot of our sites. We won’t get doses until next week.”

What will happen to the individuals whose appointments at Mt. Sinai were cancelled? Dowling said, “As vaccine supplies become available, we will be contacting the people whose appointments were canceled to reschedule them. Over time, as vaccine supplies permit, our goal is to reschedule everyone in this category.’

Hopefully, these snags in the supply chain will resolve with the change in presidential administrations. The city gets the vaccine from the state, the state gets it from the federal government, which had no “reserve” of doses despite promising to provide more. The Biden Administration is taking over on Wednesday and “has promised to boost supplies throughout the country,” the Daily News added.

You can watch the Mayor’s press conference here.

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    1. Mary Jones says:

      What about appointments after Wednesday? My dad is supposed to go to Mt Sinai on Thursday

      • Lenore says:

        He should get a confirmation tomorrow. My appointment was scheduled for Wednesday, tomorrow, and today I got a confirmation for it.

      • Lucy says:

        I am concerned too. I’m supposed to get my vaccine for Mount Sinai on Thursday. I tried to contact them but was unable to get through. Let’s hope your father and I can get vaccinated on Thursday

    2. Jen says:

      Mary, It sounds to me in the article like they are starting back regular appointments on Wednesday. Article makes it pretty clear. No need to read too much into it.

    3. Jay says:

      Deblasio should check his own agency’s website. DOHMH says there is 400,000 vaccines in their possession and they are only using an average of 30,000 a day.

    4. StungByMtSinai says:

      Mt Sinai communications has been terrible this past week. I had an appt today and I received an email on Sunday saying, effectively, you are receiving this email because you are scheduled for an appointment and “we are keeping you on the schedule at this time.” However when I – and several others – arrived at Mt Sinai we were told that there were no appts today, there was no vaccine and we would be called once they had the vaccine, or, alternatively, check the webpage or “stop by” to check in. I don’t know what is worse: not having an appt or having one only to find out that suddenly you do not have one and, worse, you are standing at the back of a very long line! Thank you
      , Mt Sinai!

    5. Debra Targhi says:

      I went to a vaccine site this week after calling ahead. The woman who answered the phone told me I could walk in. I was hesitant but took a chance. It was listed on the Mayors test and trace email. I took a cab to 42nd Street and the Urgent Care Office didn’t even exist. They should check the information in the texts they send out based on your zip code. I should known better being a longtime New Yorker but I took a chance and like most was disappointed. The address was 330 West 42nd Street so no one else goes there.

    6. Mary J Cahill says:

      So those of us cancelled 1/15 to 1/19 are at the end of the line as Mt. Sinai vaccinates those 1/20 and beyond. Why don’t they start with the 1/15 appointments on 1/20? I’m holding my breath till they call me to reschedule. Ha! That will be the day.

    7. West 90th Street Jeff says:

      When they began vaccinating their first patients, Mt. Sinai was dispensing doses from two different manufacturers. We need to know which ones they are dispensing, especially for the second dose. We’ve been told that they are not interchangeable.

      • Boris says:

        They know how to keep track of who got which vaccine and it’s written on your vax card. They’re a hospital that routinely dispenses medications and vaccines so there’s no need to second-guess them and put unjustified and hysterical doubt in other peoples’ minds.

    8. Stephanie Goldsmith says:

      This has been helpful as I have been canceled by mt.sinai for civid vaccine. Any follow-up of rescheduling has has been less than vague. I appreciate your information. How do I get updates?

    9. Emmylou says:

      I just got a last minute vaccine at the Columbia armory on 168 th st.

      Very efficient once I found the correct door.

      You sign up at connect the NY Columbia Presbyterian
      Website. It’s only for 65 plus age group.
      They posted spots at 240pm and I jumped in a cab for my 330pm appointment.
      Good luck!

    10. Irving Bruckheimer says:

      How do we re-schedule Shot 2 appointments which have been cancelled at Mt. Sinai West? There is no link to reschedule.