Pupper West Side: Puddles Lives for Shakespearean Drama

By A. Campbell

Name: Mr. Puddles and my friends call me Puddles.

Age: 10 years old

Breed: Miniature Poodle

Profile/history: My aunt – my mom’s sister – had a miniature poodle named Sunny who is three years older than me. Understanding dogs didn’t come naturally to my mom at first, but Sunny and my aunt patiently taught her how to be comfortable with dogs –  how to hold them and play with them. Mom fell in love with Sunny and then one day she decided to leap into dog ownership herself. I couldn’t ask for a better parent or a more loving home.

Daily routine: Each morning it’s breakfast followed by a walk around the neighborhood. I always have a tendency to head in the direction of West End Avenue and toward the dog run in Riverside Park and West 72nd. I love romping around there. On the weekends we might head out of the city to visit my cousins at their home in Rockland County. During those visits, I’ll spend my days running around the garden and exploring new sights and smells. But my heart belongs in Manhattan. In fact, it belongs to my neighbor and girlfriend, Lulu. Lulu lives with her family two flights up from our apartment and we’ll both call to each other from our respective terraces. It’s all very Shakespearean. “O Lulu, Lulu, wherefore art thou, Lulu?!?”

Loves: My beautiful Lulu. When I’m not wooing Lulu, I also enjoy meeting dogs and people, and playing fetch!

Does not love: Errrm, well I actually love shredding pieces of paper, but one time my adorable shredding habit went awry. Mom works for a nonprofit and she received a check in the mail from a donorIt happened to fall on the floor and I accidentally mistook it for a shred-able item. I didn’t love almost getting Mom in hot water over that. The story has a happy ending though. She explained what happened to the donor and they sent a new check for double the amount! Hooray! I’m confident that they must be dog lovers.

Favorite store/business on the UWS: I love stopping by the Apple Store on Broadway and W. 67th because it’s a nice, modern, calming space. I also enjoy roaming the halls of the Time Warner Center if Mom is running a couple errands.

Favorite treat: Beef jerky, no contest. Yum!

Favorite park spot: The dog run in Riverside Park near W. 72nd Street. It’s a great spot to catch up with friends and neighbors!

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    1. LL says:

      I. Can. Not. With the cuteness.

    2. MQue says:

      So Distinguished

    3. Elizabeth Crittenden says:

      Love this Deb! Haven’t met Puddles yet but look forward to that!!

    4. Marilyn Sauline says:

      Recognized Puddles immediately from the narrative. Too long since we met. As soon as spring comes. He is as adorable as always described.

    5. Lorene says:

      SO cute and so business savvy too!

    6. Karen Sutton says:

      Luving the terrace conversations so romantic

    7. Kev says:

      Dear Mr. Puddles,
      You’re too modest; surely you shredded the check on the hunch it would be an adorable gambit to squeeze a bigger check once the donor heard the story? You’re a darling, and I love this series!