The Opera Ladies Have Now Seen More Than 300 In a Row; Here are Their Recommendations for This Week

Marion Chalat and Carolyn Starry have found a life-enriching way to spend these difficult pandemic months. They’ve been watching and listening to opera, and they’ve got quite a streak going. As of last week, they had seen 300 operas streamed by the Metropolitan Opera on a nightly basis.

It has been a wonderful journey for us and our book reports are filled with facts and fun comments as we view some of the operas, with different casts, for the 4th or 5th time,” Carolyn told us.

On March 16, they will hit their 365th opera.

This week, there are several operas to see. Carolyn recommended Wednesday’s performance of Faust and Saturday’s performance of Rigoletto.

#309   Wednesday, January 27
Gounod’s  Faust  (12/10/2011)
Starring Marina Poplavskaya, Jonas Kaufmann, and René Pape
#310  Thursday, January 28
Verdi’s Falstaff  (12/14/2013)
Lisette Oropesa, Angela Meade, Stephanie Blythe, Jennifer Cano, Paolo Fanale, Ambrogio Maestri, and Franco Vassallo
#311  Friday, January 29
Wagner’s Der Fliegende Holländer  (3/10/2020)
Starring Anja Kampe, Mihoko Fujimura, Sergey Skorokhodov, David Portillo, Evgeny Nikitin, and Franz-Josef Selig,
#312  Saturday, January 30
Verdi’s Rigoletto  (2/16/2013)
Starring Diana Damrau, Oksana Volkova, Piotr Beczała, Željko Lučić, and Štefan Kocán, conducted by Michele Mariotti.
.#313  Sunday, January 31
Verdi’s Macbeth  (1/12/2008)
Starring Maria Guleghina, Dimitri Pittas, Željko Lučić, and John Relyea
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    1. JUDY WOOD says:

      I long for the day when we can go back into the opera house and see live performances again
      I’m guessing opening night New Years eve 2022
      I have seen many, but they have me beat.
      some much more wonderful than others but still a lot better than most of what is on nightly tv.

      judy wood

    2. Good humor says:

      I so applaud efforts like this to make the most of these times. I look forward to seeing their reviews and opinions!

    3. Lulu T says:

      Wonderful! Inspiring! Great spirit and enthusiasm, ladies.

    4. Michael H says:

      Your dedication to the arts during the pandemic is an inspiration to us all. Thank you for making the Upper West Side proud!

    5. Sarah says:

      Keep it up, ladies!

    6. Sharon Frankel says:

      Congrats, You go Gals. My favs are Nixon in China,
      Akhenaten, Lulu, The Ring Cycle

      • Carolyn Starry says:

        Good choices! Whether opera, ballet or Broadway, everthing is subjective. You never know, seeing something for the first time, how your heart and soul may identify or be in awe with a character or the entire ensemble. Years later, seeing the same opera with a different cast, costums, choreography and setting gives a whole new perspective

    7. Support our local artists says:

      My recommendation is to boycott the Met’s streams and special concerts until it stops taking advantage of the pandemic to starve out its artists. (Google it.) There would be no operas without the chorus, orchestra, and backstage talent. Stop supporting this morally bankrupt organization until there is a change in leadership.

    8. Twilla L. says:

      I have loved watching operas (169 so far). My favorites are the Ring Cycle, Turandot, The Merry Widow, and Don Carlo.

      • Carolyn says:

        I like your choices. I really enjoyed
        Week 44, “Renee Fleming Week.” I miss seeing her at the Met so this was a wonderful opportunity to see her versatility in a variety of demanding roles. Many years ago she and her husband were standing in front of my husband and me at a local movie theater. I was “star struck” and finally had the courage to have a conversation with her. That is a fond memory!

    9. Édouard Iglesias says:

      For the sake of precision, there are many repeat showings so in fact there are about 200 operas at the most. Still a lot!

    10. Karen says:

      Thank you Carolyn & Marion for introducing me to the Metropolitan Opera’s streaming link. I have watched 38 Opera’s since March. You are an inspiration to many.
      I know both of you can’t wait until the live performance return but until then enjoy!

    11. Susan Schmidt says:

      Me too. Every night…or next morning.
      Haven’t missed yet.

    12. Marion Chalat says:

      Thank you for your comment

    13. Rosanne Martorella says:

      I envy you two. Bravo!

    14. Alicia Ogawa says:

      I hope some of the fans of the streaming Met Opera performancesrealize that neither the orchestra nor the chorus has been paid since last April. Peter Gelb has been using non-Met performers for the benefit events, and not a penny is going to the people who actually ARE the Met Opera. Both the orchestra and the chorus have set up fund-raising vehicles. It’d be lovely if people who are opera fans can throw a few $$ their way. Otherwise, the Met as an organization will cease to exist—it’s well on its way to that outcome.

      • lynn says:

        I know the Met asked patrons if they wanted to turn in their last season tickets as a contribution, and those same patrons have continued to give regular contributions during covid (all the way up to 2022). Are you saying that none of the performers are benefitting from this?

        • Alicia Ogawa says:

          THat’s exactly right. Try googling to read some of the reports on how Peter Gelb is destroying the orchestra. You won’t find any in the NYT, you know why? Peter Gelb’s dad was the managing editor there. Not only is none of that money NOT goin to the orchestra/chorus, but Gelb is refusing to let either of these groups use the Met name to do local performances to raise money on their own. It’s a complete disgrace!

        • Alicia Ogawa says:

          Sorry…I should have explained that the money collected on behalf of the Met Opera goes to hiring the stars which are not permanent members of the Met organization. And recently, on non-Met musicians who are playing these benefits.