Brooklyn Fare Supermarket Expects to Open This Summer, Pledges ‘Affordability and Convenience’

Brooklyn Fare Kitchen & Market confirmed it will be replacing Western Beef at 75 West End Avenue between 62nd and 63rd Street, and the company said it plans to open this summer. Western Beef closed in early January.

Assembly member Linda Rosenthal had said earlier this month that she was concerned Brooklyn Fare’s prices will be too high for Western Beef’s customer base, which includes people who live in the nearby Amsterdam Houses. The market mentioned the affordability of its food in a press release and that it accepts food benefit programs like SNAP.

“We are committed to providing our customers with the highest standards of products while maintaining affordability and convenience and also doing our part in helping the surrounding community and families thrive,” said Moe Issa, CEO of Brooklyn Fare.

The old Western Beef spot will be completely refurbished. Prior to the opening, Brooklyn Fare committed to delivering food to people living within 10 blocks of the new store by sourcing food from its Hell’s Kitchen location. People can order on or by calling the store at 212-216-9700.

Brooklyn Fare has two other Manhattan locations and one in Brooklyn.

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    1. Brandon says:

      If the proces are too high for the customer base the store will go out of business. If the prices are too low the store won’t be able to afford the rent and will go out of business. Linda Rosenthal needs to stay out of this. The government should not be fixing the prices.

      • Juan says:

        Exactly. She has a choice between a business that at least supports some portion of the population and also contributes to the tax base (which is what funds our supportive services) or an empty storefront. Seems like a pretty easy choice.

        A basic economics class taught in a capitalist country should be a pre-requisite for holding elected office. I wish people would think about this when voting.

    2. Glen says:

      If Ms. Rosenthal is so concerned about high prices she might spend her time more productively trying to entice other businesses into the area to keep prices competitive. You know, what with her being an elected official and all.

    3. Clarifying Claire says:

      Not that I care much about either one, but please note that:
      1. LINDA Rosenthal is our NYS Assembly rep, some 135 miles away in “Albany” (named, sayeth Wikipedia, in honor of the Duke of Albany, later James II of England) ;
      2. HELEN Rosenthal is our NYC City Council rep. and, as such, should be the Rosenthal-In-Charge of NEIGHBORHOOD issues like supermarkets…dog-poop…noisy neighbors…dog-poop…et-ceterahhhh.
      Contact her:
      2. call her office 1-212-873-0282;
      3. visit her office 563 Columbus Ave, just above W. 87th.

      • Hector says:

        Unfortunately, Helen Rosenthal will not do a damn thing! You can be waiting for years for a return phone call. This woman is useless.

    4. Steven Barall says:

      It is specifically the job of not only Assembly Member Linda Rosenthal but of all of our elected officials to advocate for their constituents. That Assembly Member Rosenthal is the only elected official speaking out on behalf of the community says as much about her as it does about all of the other elected officials, like the City Council member, who have completely ignored the needs of the community. Linda Rosenthal is doing exactly what she is supposed to be doing. Why is everyone so worked up about this? Can’t you be happy for the people who will benefit from Rosenthal’s involvement?

      • woodcider says:

        Agreed. There’s some basic civics lacking here. Assemblypersons, by definition of their job, give voice to their constituent’s concerns. How are you going to criticize someone doing the job they were elected to do?

        I’ve spent the past few weeks trying to find an affordable replacement with the same size of selection as Western Beef. I have yet to find it. I’ve mostly found smaller stores with a MUCH smaller selection, at higher prices. Next week I’m headed north of 125th St. It’s about equidistant with one less bus to catch.

      • Steve Friedman says:

        Steven yes I agree. She is showing concern of the “Price of Tomatoes” (google that one) for her constituents. She should. She’s not dictating nuttin’. She’s not absent from it. And that’s part of her job too.

    5. Good humor says:

      Two different Rosenthals

    6. West 65 says:

      Fairway closed on 125, Pathmark closed on 125 and now this supermarket closed near nyca housing and Scott Stringer says nothing. Remember when he produced oh wait when he had someone write a report about food deserts in poor neighborhoods or near housing projects. Just remember this when the new supermarket opens and hes gladhandling around a the ribbon cutting

    7. charles D hoffman says:

      they’ll price their products with an eye towards maximizing their profits

      they’re paying market rate rent – why would anyone expect that not to be reflected in their prices

    8. JMF says:

      I am not sure what people are proposing. If Western Beef was a profitable operation, it would still be there (and fyi, it was not a well oiled machine in there; I have lived around the corner for 14+ years).

      Keep in mind there is a Target almost equidistance (depending if you are closer to Amsterdam or WEA) that probably has the cheapest options in the neighborhood. And they accept all payments. There are potentially cheap online options.

      And if want to subsidize food, find a way to deliver to the people rather than subsidizing WB

      • Bruce Bernstein says:

        reply to JMF:

        you’re not aware of how substantially food is subsidized in the US? and commercial real estate, for that matter.