Three Injured in Morning Fire at 65 Central Park West

Fire at 65 CPW. Photographs by Stephen Harmon.

By Carol Tannenhauser

A fire broke out on a high floor at 65 Central Park West, between 66th and 67th Streets, on Wednesday at around 9:30 a.m., the FDNY reported.

Twenty units comprising about 78 members responded, and the fire was under control by 10:18 a.m. Three people were injured: one civilian, who was taken to Cornell/New York Hospital; and two firefighters, who were taken to Mt. Sinai West. The names  and conditions of the injured have not been released.

Stephen Harmon, a local photographer who took the accompanying pictures, said, “While it looked chaotic because of the big response and all of the flashing lights and gathering crowd, the firemen and other first responders were calm, professional, and efficient and you knew they had everything under control.”

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    1. Dee Tiber says:

      I live in the building. I agree the firefighters EMTs and everyone who responded did a fantastic job. They were here quickly they were organized they kept everybody calm and safe. Thank you

    2. 65cpw says:

      Sadly the resident who was taken to the hospital died tonight of his injuries. Mr. Rosen will be missed.

    3. tom ricciardi says:

      Thanks NYFD

    4. Iris says:

      What was the cause. How awful a resident died

    5. Sam Green says:

      I live two flights up from the affected apartment. Mr. Rosen was very beloved in our building, especially by our doormen. We only had the typical friendly NY ‘elevator relationship’ but it lasted 18 years. He always spoke kindly and had a sense of humor that caused many laughs over the years. The FDNY were here so quickly and did outstanding! Other heroes though are the few of our doormen who went in to his rabidly burning apartment and pulled him out. God bless them and his family. 🙏

    6. Richard was an amazing friend and neighbor with a fabulous sense of humor and the ability to rise above just about any situation except the final one. I will miss him, and send my condolences to his family.

    7. jan says:

      Bless our firemen!
      Condolence to the injured and the residents
      and their apts
      Best wishes for a speedy recovery