Affordable Housing Lottery Opens in West Harlem for 32 Units

123 West 112th Street.

An affordable housing lottery has opened up for 32 units in six buildings in Harlem, with openings for people making a wide range of income.

The buildings are spread over a large area from just above Central Park at 112th Street, to 139th Street. The addresses are 118 West 139th Street, 123 West 112th Street, 30 West 132nd Street, 281 West 118th Street, 120 West 139th Street, and 122 West 139th Street. The group of buildings is known as the Uptown 6.

Four of the buildings in the Uptown 6 marked with letters.

The units are spread throughout the buildings, and eligibility depends on the size of your household and your income. They are for people making up to 80% of the area median income. Depending on size, households making from $48,480 to $120,080 can apply. There are studios and apartments with multiple bedrooms — two four-bedroom apartments will rent for $2,230 a month.

The city has revamped its housing application process, making it easier for people to apply to multiple projects. Check out the site to apply here.

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    1. Elsa says:

      What are the requirements. Aside from income

    2. Norma Miner says:

      I didnt fing it in NYC C

    3. Gail says:

      Affordable housing used to be affordable for people making $27,000.00 and up. It’s very disheartening to see the affordable housing going to people who could easily afford paying more!

    4. Sandra Hatcher says:

      Where can we get an application?

    5. Jesus Betancourt says:

      I would like a one bedroom apartment. I have a NYC FHEPS Voucher and I am retired with Social Security income.

    6. Brenda says:

      It’s most definitely a product of my age that my eyes popped when I saw that an individual making $68,679 qualifies for subsidized housing.

      • charles becker says:

        Racial diversity and now financial diversity are for better or worse, a sign of the times we live in.

      • B.B. says:

        These lotteries (IIRC) use gross not net income for application purposes.

        Net income for someone earning $70k per year isn’t great as you’d imagine. Both NYC and NYS are high tax areas, then there is federal and payroll (Social Security & Medicare) taxes deducted.

        When all is said and done residents of NYS/NYC can their annual gross income reduced by nearly 33% after taxes. That is what people have to live upon.

      • B.B. says:

        Single person earning gross annual income of $69,000 per year has a net income of $49,786.

        That does not include any other deductions from paycheck (health insurance, retirement savings, etc…). Then any debt that must be serviced each month comes out of that number as well (credit/charge cards, student loans….)

    7. Harold Howard says:

      I am in a place where there are three other people living plus myself, not healthy for me, can’t used the bathroom when I need to,I’m paying most of the rent, I’m 62yrs of age with health problems diabetic,I have a motorize chair/walker etc. Please if there is anything can do help me,please do so.

    8. Harold Howard says:

      I sent in a comment earlier, so to add to that,I am looking for a 1Bedroom or studio, I receive SSI,if this will help me be eligible for any one of the Apartments, I’m ready!

    9. LYG says:

      How is over 2000 a month Affordable this is outrageous

      • J says:

        It’s affordable to someone in need of a four bedroom apartment. Considering most 1 bedroom apartments are $2k+ here the 4 bedroom for $2k is affordable.

    10. Hello, I am a full-time employee and part-time student and I’m very interested in applying for one of your locations. I fit in the income range and would like an application.

    11. Yes yes i like it how can get an application to one of these apparment. Tthank you

    12. Jay Prince says:

      I would like to know where I can get the application for this apts. ty

    13. Lauren says:

      To support these subsidized rents, the minimum wage would need to $25/hr in order for rent to be one-third of income. Hey Bezos, can you spare a dime?

    14. Neiva Halauza says:

      I appreciate housing authority

    15. Mrbadboy128 says:

      Forget affordable let’s do low income smh for people making 80% of median income wow
      Since luxury apartments and condos came into the area the media income rose uhmmmm now you connect the dots

    16. Catherine hilary says:

      I need four bedrooms how much it coast me twin sister .cuz and a baby

    17. Read the words says:

      News flash: none of you are getting a subsidized apartment if you can’t manage to drum up the motivation to click on the application link included in the article. No one is combing through the comments of WSR to hand-pick you. This should be obvious.

      • Sarah says:

        Not everyone is as good at working the system as the more fortunate readers of WSR are, you know. Getting cranky at people in lousy housing situations isn’t exactly the holiday spirit.

    18. Rafael Holguin says:

      I’m searching for an one bedroom apartment in manhattan aside from the income. What are the requirements?

    19. Jo DeGeorge says:

      It would be lovely to live in peace.