Photo: Bald Eagle Takes Flight in Central Park

Courtesy of @birdcentralpark.

A bald eagle lifted off from a tree in Central Park on Tuesday, offering an amazing spectacle to birdwatchers below. The shot above, by @birdcentralpark, was taken near Summit Rock around 83rd Street on the West Side of the park. The shot below was taken nearby too.

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    1. SL says:

      love this.

    2. Leda says:

      Beautiful photos! There seem to be more birds of prey in Central Park and Riverside Park lately. Do we think it’s because there’s less restaurant garbage around for the prey? Mice and rats having to leave their hiding places and venture out more during the day to find enough food?

      • TX wildlife says:

        Great point, Leda, about the effect of pandemic closures are having on wildlife! Your assessment is most likely right on!

    3. sophia says:

      How lucky are those people who’ve seen this magnificent bird in flight!

    4. Vivian says:

      what a magnificent bird. It’s rare to see it so close unless it’s in a zoo. Thanks for the great pics.

    5. Diana says:

      Magnificent photos. So glad our feathered friends are thriving in Central Park as we all seem to be.

    6. Mark Moore says:

      Wow, humpback whales in the Hudson and bald eagles in Central Park. Wow.

    7. good humor says:

      Seeing a bald eagle is definitely on my bucket list!

      • m.pipik says:

        In the winter you can see usually see BEs near NYC. Just a Metro North ride to Westchester. There is info on the Internet.

        The colder the weather the better to see them. There have been BEs on the Palisades north of the GW

    8. JayS says:

      NYC, a city with nightlife and wildlife. Beautiful !

    9. Susan Xenarios says:


    10. paulette schneider says:

      Thinking this a good omen for the coming year.

    11. Paul says:

      They’ve been steadily advancing towards the City for decades. In winter many can be spotted over the Hudson around Peekskill. I’ve seen them in Pelham Bay Park, the NE Bronx, for a few years now.

      Here’s a hint, though: If you’re in Central Park with a small dog? The eagle is yet another reason not to let it off leash. No matter what time of day it is.

      • G.Locke says:

        The next article has the photo of the five police officers who returned the brownish red dachshund pooch … not from Central Park though. Perhaps today I could take a walk in the area where the majestic bird was last seen.
        The Eagle is probably more interested in hunting at dawn … not so much in broad daylight.

    12. BillyNYC says:

      It’s also by the basketball court at 86 Street on the west side I’ve seen it many times… I think there’s a few of them now. There’s plenty of food for them in Central Park.

    13. Nico says:

      How exciting and what great shots! My 2 year old and I had the great pleasure of seeing one just outside a Washington Heights playground in March. She wouldn’t stop talking about the “bald seagull.”

      A local hawk was a lot less impressed and despite being seriously underpowered, chased off the eagle.