‘Tall, Well-Dressed’ Man With Black Leather Backpack Took Dachshund from Outside Store, Owner Says

Video camera footage showed a man taking a dog from outside the Garden of Eden Market on Broadway between 107th and 108th Street on Monday at around 4:45 p.m., according to the dog’s owner.

Update: Police have released photos of the alleged dog-napper:

Update: Luca has been returned to her owner!

Posters were placed in Riverside Park looking for more information:

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    1. Marcia says:

      this gets me so p.o., no matter how many stories are published about these incidents..people still tie their dogs outside stores

      • HelenD says:

        I just saw two very tiny dogs running down Broadway in front of Duane Reade and Trader Joes, and I was about to pick one up when a homeless man started yelling at me. The dogs are his and they ‘live’ at a homeless encampment on 72nd and WEA. They have no sweaters, no type of shelter, and they are running around a noisy congested area unleashed. I asked if he needed anything and he ignored me and brought the dogs over to play with the homeless woman encamped on the side of TJs (72nd). This whole area is depressing right now. 🙁

        • Truth and Reason says:

          Poor dog with no sweater. What about the MAN? The actual human being having to live on the street? Did he have a sweater? Or maybe there’s a larger travesty here.

        • Grayson says:

          This whole area is not depressing, but the particular situation that you are describing is indeed disturbing. The tiny, friendly puppy that I saw there this week was loose and only inches away from fast-moving traffic that included city buses and taxis pulling up to Trader Joe’s. Does anyone know if this is an animal protection situation?

        • NY1970 says:

          That you seem to care more about dogs than the people The AREA isn’t depresiing, poor you, the FACT that human beings, real people are homeless is UNCONSCIONABLE. Do something about it, from your million dollar apartment.

          • Christine says:

            How do you know Helen D lives in a million dollar apartment? Why do you presume she cares more about puppies running around city streets than she does the homeless? The story was about a missing dog, not a missing person. Can’t she have enough room in her heart to care about both, whilst commenting on the matter at hand.

            Rethink your comments and try to cheer up from your four story rent-controlled walk-up.

          • Charly says:

            The dogs are at the mercy of their “owners.” The dogs have no option to accept city services or not. One of my dogs lived with a woman on streets with 3 other dogs. The woman had city housing but preferred to live on the streets. The city was holding the dogs until she moved back into housing, which she never did so the dogs were adopted. Of course, I feel horrible about the homeless, and donate and volunteer accordingly, but they shouldn’t have pets if they can’t take of themselves. It is not a zero sum game!

    2. Kate says:

      My heart breaks for you. Please put a sign up if Luca is returned so we can be happy.

    3. Christine says:

      Focus. Please let’s not victim blame. Yes it wasn’t the best idea, fine, okay, we get it. No one wants their dog stolen. Let’s help spread the word to get Luca home where he belongs immediately.

      • Sarah says:

        I’m sure their person feels bad enough already!

      • Sue Llewellyn says:

        Absolutely right, Christine—even though back in the good ol’ “safer” days (‘52–‘69) when I was an UWS dachsie owner it would never’ve occurred to us to leave ‘em tied up outside ANYPLACE for ANY time. And that was long before microchipping.
        My heart goes out to Luca’s family—and to Luca! May they be reunited soon!

    4. Emily Miller says:

      This makes me sick to my stomach. I would be so heartbroken.

    5. Jeffrey says:

      I feel bad the dog was stolen
      I have never left my dog tied up to go into any store
      You gave the thief a opportunity

    6. Elizabeth says:

      This is so sad. I hope he is found and returned to his family.

    7. Farnham maxwell says:

      Yes ..These dog thefts are not uncommon..People isolated and alone need an animal so they are bought and sold on the black market..

    8. Alan P. says:

      I tied our dog in front of a grocery store on a Sunday morning in Chelsea 35 years ago. We put signs up all over the neighborhood like you did (we’ve seen them) and he was returned 4 days later for a ransom of $50. I hope you story ends like ours did.

    9. Christi says:

      I have posted in Nextdoor snd know that a few people have posted in dog groups and social media. I feel like this news is widely spread and I hope it brings a reunion! I hope they can perhaps get it on local news stations. Sending good thoughts to them that they find their baby.

    10. Patricia Gilman says:

      Why was the dog tied up outside – not good – small dog, carry it in the store, they allow that

      • Marilyn says:

        Actually, while allowed, it’s illegal. CHANGE THE LAWS! Europe allows dogs in restaurants etc. Just another example of how uncivilized US is.

        • Jay says:

          How about leave the dog at home where it’s most comfortable?

          No need to bring your dog with you everywhere.

        • drochira says:

          Or, breaking this law (bringing well behaved dogs in stores, restaurants) should be tolerated, like driving 10 MPH above the speed limit, helicopters flying below 1500ft and jaywalking….

    11. lynn says:

      There is an excellent app called Shadow for reuniting dogs with their owners. Sign up and post a photo of Luca and it will connect you to people all over the city who will alert you if they see your dog. Good luck to you.

    12. Lorene says:

      Heartbreaking, please stop leaving your dogs outside, please, please.

    13. Anne says:

      I am so sad to see this. Come on, people, if you love your dog NEVER leave it outside a store! I have tried to nicely warn people when they do it. Sometimes it a grateful newcomer from the Midwest who never even imagined this happens. Other times I am met with, “I’ll just be a second, and I keep my eye on him.” Really? Would you leave your wallet out on the sidewalk with you “eye on it” for just a “second?” Sometimes these little dogs are used as bait in dog fighting rings. PLEASE protect your precious pups. This should never happen again— it doesn’t have to tif everyone stops this dangerous practice. My heart breaks for the family.

    14. From W. 110th says:

      I own a dog here in the neighborhood and I swear this guy looks familiar- sure I’ve seen him on Bway before. I am circulating an email in my circuit.

    15. Julia says:

      A lot of people bring their dogs in stores these days and personally I don’t like it mostly because I am disabled and am used to navigating around animals on the side walk and find it unbalancing for a dog to appear around a corner in a store.

    16. Drochira says:

      Let dogs in stores and restaurants! Don’t complain if people carry well behaved dogs with them to run errands instead of leaving them tied outside. I’m sure the owner was just running a quick errand and thinking nothing would happen in a relatively safe neighborhood like UWS. Also, the penalty should be on par with a kidnapping, NOT property theft.

    17. Seneca Griffi says:

      Everyone watch all your personal things. Walking the streets and crossing the streets. Be careful and be observant,

    18. James Brummel says:

      i’d sooner leave my wallet tied up outside.

    19. doreen says:

      Hope you get your dog back; You have a picture; thats good

    20. karen oconnor says:

      Dog has been found per 24th precinct. Tell us what happened please