Philharmonic Cancels Concerts Through June 2021, a ‘Dreadful’ Outcome

The New York Philharmonic has become the latest major music venue to cancel its season, telling patrons that it will have to cancel its entire season, which was set run until June 13, 2021.

“Today we share news that we did our best to avert, but reality has intervened. Due to mandatory state and city government health regulations, the Philharmonic will not be able to resume live, indoor concerts in January as originally hoped,” wrote Philharmonic President Deborah Borda. “With deep regret, all previously scheduled concerts from January 6 to June 13, 2021, must now be cancelled.”

“In the 178-year history of our institution, the cancellation of an entire season marks a historic first, and a dreadful one at that.”

Borda urged people to donate to the NY Phil Plays on Fund, which runs programs like the NY Phil Bandwagon.

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    1. CoffeeMusicPerson says:

      Very sad. Wish they could have figured out live-streaming smaller chamber ensembles, and I’m sure they tried, but I’m sure just to rehearse and perform in Geffen Hall is incredibly expensive. Don’t even get started with the MET.

    2. Garry says:

      Dreadful, indeed. This seems excessive, but I guess you just can’t plan things out 3 to 8 months in advance at the moment.

    3. Kathy says:

      What about all the performers and everyone else whose livelihood depends on these great cultural institutions? How can we support these folks as well?

      • HM says:

        Excellent question. I hope someone can offer some options. In this country, in this society, everyone in the arts–be they musicians, painters, dancers, writers and more–have always been underpaid and undervalued.

    4. Kath says:

      Heartbreaking. Virtual everything is mediocre.

    5. Opinionated says:

      A dreadful governor led to a dreadful outcome. They couldn’t meet the crazy state requirements. Meanwhile major orchestras are playing live concerts (at reduced capacity) in Berlin, Vienna, Amsterdam, Paris, etc.

      • Paul says:

        Orchestras and opera companies in Europe are very heavily subsidized by governments and can perform at reduced capacities because box office is such a small portion of their expenses.

        In “normal” times I’ve seen orchestras and premier opera stars at major venues in places like Amsterdam, Berlin and Palermo for 1/3 the price you pay here.

        We’re seeing a resurgence in infections, meaning the restrictions on occupancy are, by definition, necessary.

        If the rest of this country had done what our “dreadful” governor has done from June 1 to now we’d be averaging 15,000 cases and 200 dead a day.
        Instead, for four and a half months, we’ve averaged close to 50,000 cases and 900 dead a day, and it’s getting worse.

    6. rteplow says:

      So sad! I hope there will be a massive relief package for the arts.

    7. Peter says:

      I wonder if they’re using this time to start the long-delayed renovation of the hall. Has anybody heard?