Photos of the Day: New York Through the Drops

Stephen Harmon loves to go out in the rain and — behind his car window — take pictures of the neighborhood through the drops. It’s a cool effect. Here’s what it looked like today:

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    1. Joyce says:

      Thank you for these images of beauty in the rain which can be enjoyed without getting soaked! Vivd colors are ebullient boost while the shadowing of the first is Halloween Rorscharch test!

    2. Jan says:

      Wonderful abstract beauties!…. Thanks : )

    3. Wonderful photos. Thank you!

    4. SBG says:

      Lovely photos.

    5. Jane Rosamilia says:

      Thank you! These are great pictures and have given me joy.

    6. KAB says:

      These are fabulous! Never saw it all that way .. thank you for opening up a new window.
      The colors and the density of the drops really create a unique art.

    7. Lorene Farnsworth says:

      Really nice, love the cab.

    8. r.r. gray says:

      lovely & original.

    9. Joan says:

      Beautiful photos. Thank you!

    10. cma says:

      Yes!! These are delightful! I took some raindrop photos from a train window a few years ago. Began to think and wonder about how rarely we see any paintings representing rain.(one Van Gogh comes to mind). Anyone else?