MTA Subway Mall Under Columbus Circle Officially Reopens Wednesday

Turnstyle before the shutdown.

The underground Turnstyle subway mall will reopen on Wednesday after being closed since the pandemic shutdowns began. Turnstyle has a wide variety of shops, from mini-restaurants and food stores to places to buy stationery or gifts.

The MTA says it it looking to offer vendors some financial relief: “Lease modifications under consideration include a plan to change fixed rent to a structure based on a percentage of business’ revenues and abating a portion of rent payments that had been previously deferred. National chains and banks would be excluded from these modifications.”

The Turnstyle area can be accessed from Columbus Circle subway entrances, and is on the southern end of the station.

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    1. Jerry says:

      I think there is a problem with this report. Many of the shops and food vendors underground at the Columbus Circle station have been open for quite some time.

    2. NYYgirl says:

      Definitely not understanding this.

    3. GaryGlitter says:

      My favorite food place in Turnstyle is called “Bolivian Llama Party” and yes, you guessed it, it’s the only Bolivian restaurant in all of Manhattan. They are so well loved for their saltenas which are like empanadas but so much more tasty and good! Check them out if you dare! I’m hoping that they’re reopening after being closed since this all went down!

    4. TwoCityFoodies says:

      Is the Chicken N Cone place reopened? That was always a treat down there after a long day at work.

    5. NPK says:

      I love that underground mall but the photo posted above shows no one wearing masks or social distancing. It may be open but clearly not safe.

    6. Robin Rice says:

      For months I’ve been craving the bowl with salmon offered by one of the Asian food places there. Does anyone know if they’re open? I may brave going underground for the first time in 221 days if it is!