Local Chinese Restaurant Makes List of Top 10 Takeout Spots in the Pandemic

Happy Hot Hunan at 969 Amsterdam Avenue between 107th and 108th streets was chosen by Eater’s Robert Sietsema as one of the 10 best takeout spots in the city (at least ones that he has biked to) during the pandemic.

In particular, Sietsema chowed down on the restaurant’s smoked pork with smoked bamboo, which he called a “wonderful stir fry.” It costs $17.95. Sietsema says its smoky flavor makes the dish stand out.

“The pork belly has been extensively treated by this method, making it taste more like Carolina barbecue than American breakfast bacon; while the bamboo shoots also taste smoky, but in a creamier way, as if the smoking of dairy products were a phenomenon,” he wrote.

If you’re hankering for the food on the weekend, you can head on down to the Amsterdam Avenue open restaurant street, which will be there through Oct. 31.

Sietsema wrote about the restaurant in more detail a few years ago.

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    1. ben says:

      I’ve been getting deliveries from these guys once or twice a week basically since March. Great food and very reasonable prices.

    2. John says:

      Since the favorite seasoning of UWS residents seems to be salt and MSG I’m sure this will receive 5 stars.
      Atlas Kitchen is the only stop and even it is so so.

    3. Trish says:

      Anybody know if Dhoaba Deli (Columbus at 107th) is still open? I love that place but haven’t had a chance to go since I started working from home.

    4. John says:

      Highly recommend Bar 314 for their excellent pizza pies.
      Fresh ingredients and consistency time after time.

      I’m sure some places are skimping on quality and ingredients during this difficult time. I understand their difficulties but it doesn’t inspire me to spend my money.

      Been a customer of Thai Market since they opened but the last two attempts at ordering my favorites were a disaster. Most of the poorly made unflavored glop I received went into the trash. The last visit they had only 1chef in the kitchen.

      I’ll wait for normal times to try again but I was very disappointed.

    5. sesame Street says:

      Empire Szechuan on Columbus and 68th St. has the best cold noodles with sesame sauce to be found on the UWS.
      Still mourning the disappearance of The Cottage on Amsterdam/77th.

    6. lynn says:

      I ordered several dishes from La Danastia for the first time and was pleasantly surprised at how amazing the food was! I will definitely be going back. 🙂

    7. Sarah says:

      Anyone know the status or future of Szechuan Garden on 105th/Broadway?