Comments of the Week: Museums, Dry Cleaners, Bookstores, Schools, Bars, Corn, Cookies

re: Museum of Natural History Plans to Reopen in September With New Payment System

Steve says:
Why do people from NJ and CT pay what they want, even nothing? If I go to the beach in NJ or CT, I have to pay for a beach pass.

re:  Businesses for Beauty, Pets, Hair and Clean Clothes Shut Their Doors

Chuck D says:
Wonder how many dry cleaners will hang on now that we don’t need shirts and suits laundered for work. Strange times.

re: Monday Bulletin: Small Businesses Succumb, New Charges Against Local Priest, Meet The Meetles, New Yorker of the Week

World Peacenik says:
Children do need bookstores.
To see the books.
To read the books.
To choose books.
To see others reading and choosing books.
For storytime…

re: Take Our Anonymous Survey to Answer the Big Question of the Week: Will You Send Your Kids Back to School in Person?

Lauren says:
Children need to go back to school, at least part time. It is dangerous for children to not have non-familial adults regularly observing them in person. By September it will have been almost 6 months since children were in school. I get a bad chill down my spine just thinking about it. Young Lives will be damaged and lost.

Toni says:
Sending children back to school in person will be an UTTER DISASTER!! It is not a sustainable model (in any form). If the schools open, they will soon have to be shut down again. Opening will cost many lives in multiple generations. And it will destroy the progress NYC has made in controlling the virus.

re: George Keeley’s Liquor License Suspended, Because State Says Popcorn Isn’t Enough Food

David S says:
“Remind me why we need to eat food to drink?”
Well, first of all, if you drink alcohol for a long enough time without eating, you eventually die. Technically, if you go long enough without eating, the drinking alcohol part isn’t actually required, but you get the point.
But the issue at hand here is that a crowd of people eating a meal and drinking tends to be much less dense than a crowd of people just drinking. And minimizing crowd density is definitely something we should all be striving for nowadays.

re: Rumormill: Supermarket Replacing Former Duane Reade

Glen says:
If there is a God in heaven it will be a West Side Market.

re: Man Sucker-Punched While Eating Outside at Italian Restaurant on Columbus Avenue (Updated)

EdNY says:
These are different kinds of “rights.” The right to live peacefully is a conceptual, societal right that is not a matter of law. The “rights” of individuals to be drunk, or disorderly, are a matter of law, either local or constitutional. In other words, you can pass a law against disorderly conduct (assuming it passes constitutional muster) and decide to what degree to enforce it, but you can’t pass a law entitling someone to be able to live peacefully. The latter is a matter of measuring the degree to which you want to pass and enforce laws limiting individual behavior of others to the extent that they prevent us from having that peaceful existence.

re: Little Local Cookie Shop Levain Going National, Will Be In Supermarkets Soon

Louie says:
I worked at that Levain pre-pandemic. It was a great job. It was fun serving people from around the world cookies and seeing the universal joy on their faces no matter where they were from. Those cookies are worth the wait. ❤️🍪❤️

re: Neighborhood Splits Over New Homeless Hotel Residents; Police, Homeless Men and Opponents Weigh In

Bruce E. Bernstein says:
One regular WSR commenter has repeatedly (and anonymously) called the men in the Lucerne “the worst of the worst.” This is sickening.
It’s obvious to me that men like Da Homeless Hero (DHH) and Geoffrey Smith, both quoted above, are among “the best of the best”. Despite obstacles, they keep struggling and working and doing the best they can. I compare them favorably to a lot of well-to-do former UWS residents who are moving out, or threatening to do so.
The picture above of “men in the Broadway median” shows nothing wrong, other than Sitting and Standing While Black. What does it prove? Should more be wearing masks? Yes. But guess what… take a picture of a bunch of NYPD cops in uniform hanging out, and see how many are wearing masks.
The number of homeless moved in quickly was too many, and the community should have been consulted. But let’s not pretend that there is not an awful lot of elitist and even racist sentiments at play in the opposition. Dept of Homeless Services is right, the UWS is no gated community.

JK says:
Really? I do live on the block with a shelter. My 12 year old was walking towards me to the 86 street subway and was harassed by those “peacefully “ sitting and standing people. She run to me crying and scared and told me she will never walk alone again. Let’s scare our kids to death, should we? Not a racial conversation. I am scared to pass by them too. Trying not to go anywhere after 7. Do you think this is how we should live from now on?

burt kozloff says:
What has been destroyed is the community’s safety and peace of mind. A sense of well-being and relative security is displaced by a fear of attack. While the actual attacks directly involve only a small number of residents, the resulting general fear affects everyone. The expansion of misery is not the solution to inequity.

Da Homeless Hero says:
I appreciate your words, and yes, the police need to be more present. I did my daily walk yesterday and talked to some people and while a few were receptive to my suggestions, some just ignored me and gave me a funny look. DHS should have worked with the community. This is a temporary thing for sure, but because we’re expected to be here at least until January, we all should have been well informed. Believe it or not, most of us who are residents were told we were being transferred on the day or a few days before the transfer. For some, that was a major shock. I fear that there will be physical violence at some point. It’s a bad situation. Hopefuly, all of the comments, whether we agree or disagree are heard so DHS can understand their mistake and do what is necessary to fix it, if that is even possible. I do respect this community and have lived here in the past. It’s a great community.

Thanks again.

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    1. Evan Bando says:

      @Da Homeless Hero, you wrote: “I fear that there will be physical violence at some point. It’s a bad situation.” Maybe you gave more details regarding this fear of yours in earlier posts but can you expand on this comment here? What kind of violence? Inside or outside the hotel? Perpetrated by and against whom? Why?