Photos: Signs Around the Neighborhood Show Support for Protests

Davide Cagno-Hagen, a lifelong Upper West Sider who is now 30, walked around the neighborhood in recent days and snapped photos of the signs supporting Black Lives Matters protests.

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    1. Wendy Deutelbaum says:

      In addition to signs, please join NIGHTLY protests on the corners of Broadway and 104, 107, 108 and 111 (there may be others, too) from 8:00 to 8:10pm. For those of us who cannot join street protests for one reason or another, this is a good way to show support.

      • Jen says:

        Wendy, what are the demands of this specific protest? I believe the officers in George Floyd’s death have been fired and are facing trial. 50a has been repealed. NYPD to be defunded. What else this protest is trying to achieve? It has to be specific specific on the demands point by point in order to achieve social justice and fight racism, not some vague idea regarding threes issues. Otherwise protests don’t make sense.

        I appreciate if you specify all the specific demands of the protest.

        • Wendy Deutelbaum says:

          Come and talk with your neighbors. I’m sure there are many ideas, feelings, and experiences. There is no one in charge per se and no specific platform, just neighbors–lawyers, artists, caterers, teachers, retired folks, younger people, etc–thinking through what they can do…insofar as racism touches every aspect of our American lives.

          • NYC10023 says:

            Good answer @Wendy

            @Jen You seem to think that with a couple of changes in the past couple of weeks, that 400 years of racism in this country has simply now been erased. It’s probably a good time to educate yourself on the disparities between yourself and those of color. Politically, socioeconomically, etc. Then you won’t ask for a detailed list of what the protesters are “demanding”

            • Jen says:

              Asking for the specifics is wrong?
              I elaborated on what I’m asking @Wendy. But WSR chose to censor it.

            • John says:

              If people hate it here so much there are other countries that one can move too.

          • Bob Lamm says:

            Thanks for posting this valuable information. Great that this is happening. Definitely makes sense to me for people to make this statement and share views with their neighbors.

          • David Ochoa says:

            Two of us will be @ 107th.
            Thank you for the information.
            No Lives Matter Until Black Lives Matter.

        • John says:

          Dear Jen, As I’m fairly certain you are well aware, the protests are demanding racial justice and specifically addressed at violence toward blacks by police officers. Protests do not require the type of specificity you are insisting the previous commenter provide to you. If you want to be educated, there’s more than sufficient information out there (including general and more specific – no choke hold, end no knock warrants etc. – demands). If you don’t want to join the protests, don’t.

    2. blacklikeu says:

      Eighteen Afro-American youths were murdered in Chicago last Saturday. 18!!!
      Does anyone care? Do you hear about it?
      Seems like Black Lives Matter (of course they do) more when it’s a white on black matter.
      Eighteen lives, lost in 24 hours.
      The silence is deafening.

      • Jen says:

        We rely on media to hear our voices. Media is very biased right now, including WSR. They only post leftist agenda, and do not allow even to question it. Once in a while mon-leftist comment passed through so th EY can maintain an image of objectivity.
        There are a lot of people on this forum whose comments are censored in favor of mainstream views.
        Freedom of speech? Not only WSR doesn’t allow it, some “liberal” readers ask for more of it. It offends them to hear an opinion that is different from theirs.

        • stevieboy says:

          Wow, the internet has really enabled people like you, huh??

          “We rely on media to hear our voices”..???

          I don’t really think you understand how it works, Jen. With all do respect, no one needs to hear your voice. It’s not some vast left wing conspiracy. If you want to vent with the other MAGA folks, you know where to go. Maybe the UWS isn’t the place for your provocations.

          Here’s a little tip, if you want an echo chamber, try twitter or facebook.

    3. Shirley Ariker says:

      Pointed and terrific photos.

    4. CCL says:

      This will soon be Occupy West Side. All the signs are there.

    5. John E. says:

      Sorry, but I take offense to signs like “Wake up Upper West Side”. I moved here because it was one of the most liberal and tolerant neighborhoods in NYC. Are we really the problem? Do we as a heavily Democratic district deserve this disdain? We woke up a long time ago. It’s time that everyone else do the same…

      • Carol says:

        I think you have many things right about the UWS, which is why I love it here, too. But let’s not forget that the Amy Cooper incident happened in our neighborhood.

        No matter how good we are as individuals or as a community, we can always strive to be better!

      • Cafecito says:

        The Upper West Side is a more open-minded community than many but hardly perfect, as it is a place where, after racist encounters, I have been told by self-proclaimed “liberals” that “I was too sensitive,” or that the racist “didn’t really mean it,” or even that “it wasn’t so bad” – as if *they* would personally know.

        Effectively fighting racism is a process that requires ongoing self-reflection, vigilance, and above all, *listening to those directly impacted by it.* Many well-meaning people still do not realize how much they still have to learn, and some of them are Upper West Siders.

        • John E. says:

          No neighborhood in NYC is perfect. But maybe many well-meaning people are getting tired of being lectured to. Stop preaching to the choir.

          • Cafecito says:

            This is hardly any place to be silencing others. We are all free to express our views, just as you are free to be indignant.

            As for the well-meaning people I spoke of, each of them can weigh my observations for themselves and draw their own conclusions.


    6. JerryV says:

      (Warning!! Bit of sarcasm here-) I believe that the FACTS poster should be torn down! It includes the authorship of the much loathed NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of COLORED People). Everyone knows that the term “colored” is an ugly racist term for Black People and should be fought against by every right thinking woke person. Who are the racists who put up this garbage? Tear them down!!

    7. S B BROWN says:

      despicable outpouring of herd stupidity influenced by biased corrupt msm!
      after 20 wonderful uws years i am so thankful for my fortuitous decision to bail to a more neutral nearby nassau county community – it’s dull BUT the air is cleaner and you can almost see the stars at night …
      bonne chance to you all