Governor Says New Yorkers Must Wear Face Masks in Public If They’re Near Others

Photo by Harvey Potter.

Everyone needs to wear some form of face covering in public any time it might be difficult to practice social distancing, Governor Cuomo said on Wednesday.

The order goes into effect on Saturday, though it’s not clear if it will be aggressively enforced. The move comes after the mayor said on Wednesday morning that everyone who goes into a grocery store needs to be wearing a mask.

“If you are going to be in a situation, in public, where you come into contact with other people in a situation that is not socially distanced you must have a mask or cloth covering your nose and mouth,” Cuomo said during a press conference in Albany, the Daily Beast reported. “You don’t have the right to infect me.”

You can make a mask at home, or buy one at a store like Master Tailor.

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    1. Ann says:

      Yeah. Not going to wear one.

      You can force people to wear anything.

      • Fredi Joanne Lessac says:

        selfish and entitled. You don’t have the right to infect others.

        • RCP says:

          He has as much right to breathe as anyone else on this Earth. Masks are pointless. The virus is the size of a pea. The loops of the weave of most masks people are wearing are the size of the Holland Tunnel. You’re deluding yourselves if you think they provide protection.

        • Karen Richardt says:

          Who is “You” don’t have the right to infect others. Me? since I am against being forced to give one more second of legitimacy to this half a farce? Is it because My opinion isn’t the same as yours? I guess it would have to be since I am negative for this virus and can’t possibly infect “You” or anyone else.

        • JDM331 says:

          He doesn’t have to wear a mask, its not the law. If you are so afraid of a virus than You should wear a MASK every flue season then. its FAR FAR more deadly than COVID-19 will ever be.

      • Peter says:

        Okie dokie. Good luck to you.

      • Keith Heitner says:

        I’m guessing you’re just not a good person. You think you’re entitled to infect others? Please move away from NYC

      • jalapeno says:

        I’d wear one to the store, but no way am I wearing one in Central Park or walking around on empty streets.

        I’m sure there will be the self-righteous Shaming Patrol out there taking pictures with their $600 iphones (ahem, talk about petri dishes) which ought to be super-fun.

        • Boris says:

          Lots of unnecessary anger exhibited on your part. When people single out others who have $600 iPhones, that’s usually indicative of a much deeper hostility and jealously against the rest of populace.

          You’re being required to wear a face covering ONLY in a “situation that is not socially distanced” NOT everywhere you go.

          • JDM331 says:

            Its no illegal to go without a mask. The Governor has to no authority to force citizens to wear a mask. Its not the LAW.

        • Danielle Remp says:

          You do not have to cover your mouth and nose in public with a mask or a cloth UNLESS you are in a situation where you come nearer than six feet from another person.
          So those who prefer not to (I’m not among them), can simply carry some kind of covering with them if that situation arises.

        • Peter says:

          What’s an acceptable phone price point for you? What are we supposed to infer? That you sold every item you possessed worth more than that and donated the proceeds to virus victims and first responders?

          What part of the whole virus/mask continuum is still so unclear to you? Wear the mask. It won’t hurt you. It may help you (and others). Conflating iphones (?!) into it …is sheer lunacy.

      • Dan says:

        Hope you own a ventilator!
        How ignorant to not know that this is necessary at this point to wear a mask!

      • jsv says:

        Something tells me you’re a “the states not the government should decide whether or not to issue shelter-in-place orders” kinda person, Ann. I hope you vaccinate your kids, if you have any.

      • Please_F_Leave says:

        Wow! you make me sick.

      • Mr. Freedom says:

        in America individuals are supposed to be responsible for their OWN safety. If you dont like it because some dude don’t have a damn facemask its your problem. stay at home then, or wear whatever you want. Don’t expect others to buy into your paranoia. Viruses are nature’s way of reminding you that you don’t get to live forever. And remember, someone once said give me liberty or give me death. Liberty involves freedom of choice.

        • chuck d says:

          honest quetion, Mr Freedom.

          Didn’t we elect a government to make rules for us to follow? Isn’t that what we all agree to as citizens? I don’t follow your logic that freedom means you get to ignore rules that you feel are a hinderance to you specifically.

        • Sarah says:

          This is ridiculous. We have the FDA and the Dept of Agriculture to ensure that we have safe food and medicine. The EPA to ensure safe air. The Consumer Product Safety Commission. The cops (at least, in theory) and firefighters. The armed forces. Because we are a society, and we figured out a long time ago that the idea that “individuals are responsible for their own safety” is something that you have to be an active simpleton to believe.

      • DontBeSelfish says:

        Except that you can … We don’t see people running around with no bottoms or underwear .. wonder why that is

      • Steph says:

        10,000 New Yorkers dead due to spread of virus. It’s a no brainer folks.

      • Deb says:

        My sister is a surgeon now on the Covid 19 team treating patients. Ditto my sister the nurse. Don’t give a hoot if you wear a mask just dont you or yours seek hospital care.
        Risk their lives for you? No way.

      • jen says:

        people like you are killing others, with that self centered , trump like attitude. then you will not be allowed in stores …

    2. Fredi Joanne Lessac says:

      Runners and bikers as well please. You don’t have the right to infect me.

      • Uwsider says:

        Please this! I try to get some air with my kids in Riverside Park and we are swamped with runners and bikers without masks.

      • Ed says:

        Bikers are generally socially-distanced so why would they need to wear masks while biking?

        • UWsider says:

          Bikers in Riverside Park north of 96th are definitely not socially distanced six feet coming up off the Hudson River bike path. On a nice day like today there is no way for them to be six feet from pedestrians. I’m happy they are out biking but they need to wear masks.

          • Ed says:

            Good point. I was thinking of Central Park where you can generally travel the entire loop unimpeded.

            • rl says:

              Walkers walking two and three abreast – get out of the runners lanes – if we all run/walk single file there is no problem. If you are socially ambling along – use the footpaths.

    3. MB/UWSer says:

      PLEASE pass the word on:

      Spitting carries germs! A mask or face covering of any kind is useless if people continue in old ways; hence, the grotesque need to spit! No more spitting! Pass the word on.

      “We’re all in this together.”

      • Kevin says:

        Um, how does one spit while wearing a mask?

        • MB/UWSer says:

          Lift up the mask and project.

          Or the mask is around the neck waiting to be applied at a critical time.

          Or better yet, no mask.

          Regardless, spitting spreads germs. Think about it.

    4. AC says:

      Notice how they don’t mention the distance. So it’s a judgment call. If you feel that 6 feet is enough, no need to wear a mask. If you think it’s not enough, you might want to just stay home.

    5. Chris says:

      Is the city going to set up a store to buy mask at wholesale? Any mask online will take 2-8 weeks to ship at a high price. State gave us three days

      • lynn says:

        You don’t need an ‘official’ mask, you just need a face covering. I’ve seen entire families wearing bandanas. Or go to youtube and watch a variety of videos about making your own from Tshirts, etc.

      • UWSmom says:

        The requirement is face covering, not face mask. Surely you have something you can use to cover your face.

    6. John says:

      City is unable to enforce any law at this time this will be a total fail with lawsuits galore

      • Kevin says:

        OMG. How much is each “mask malfunction” case worth to the person pressing the lawsuit after legal fees? LOL

    7. Med Student says:

      Before people start to argue whether or not they are personally going to wear a mask, there are a few things to consider. If you are walking in the park and you have plenty of space around you, I see where you’re coming from.

      However, sometimes you are going to have to squeeze through a tight walkway, or sometimes they’ll be a family with a child on their scooter, a stroller, and a dog on a leash taking up part of the path. It might even be when you are rounding a corner and someone pops up right in front of you, it happens.

      When you cross paths with someone, you are essentially engaged in a transaction—if the kid coughs, or yells, or screams, or a cyclist whizzes past you for just a second, with the air blowing in the right direction, all of us are at risk at that very moment, even if it’s an infinitesimal amount.

      So why not wear a mask?

      Protect yourself from those small instances of crossing paths with someone.

      Furthermore, it’s just the “nice thing to do,” even if you are young and strong, and even if you think it’s nearly impossible to catch Covid-19 from a short stroll in an open field. Think of the people you have to cross on a sidewalk, or down a path, or that older couple in their 80s—they’ll feel a little more at ease knowing you’re wearing a mask. Remember, everyone is seriously stressed out right now, and these little gestures help us all.

      If it’s uncomfortable, wear a nice bandana for the long open-air walks and reserve the mask for close-proximity errands. It’s not a huge sacrifice to make, plus, if you do have it and don’t know it, you’re preventing it from spreading, that should be enough to adhere to the rules.

      CYCLIST/RUNNERS: You are breathing in/out air at a much higher rate than pedestrians and you’re whizzing by us at a nice clip. PLEASE try to keep your distance from people. We can’t see you coming up from behind us, and many of you are brushing right past us. We know you have to get your exercise or you’ll go nuts, no one is telling you not to, but please try to stay off the main paths when possible, and if not, try to stay as far away from everyone, or choose off-peak times. There’s a study in the works over “slip streams,” if you’re running/cycling directly behind someone, or that pedestrian suddenly turns to the left and sneezes, you’re more likely to run/cycle through it.

      I know this is tough on everyone, but these little gestures will make us all feel a little more at ease during these high-stress weeks. It’ll probably be a couple of years before things return to whatever “normal” is to you, in the meantime, let’s all try to get along, right?

      • Nevets K says:

        Dear Med Student,
        You’re too rational and reasonable for this journal. You should know you’re finished here!
        In brief, thank you for the rich humanity of your remarks.

        • Westside neighbor says:

          So agree! Thank you!
          A few other thoughts….

          1. We can pretend each of us is in an independent bubble not affected by others, but it just aint so!!

          If one or several of your neighbors get the virus –symptoms or not–,you are definitely more vulnerable. It’s a “we” not a “me” situation. End of story!!

          2. Also, masks and gloves are not magic. Don’t take a cloth mask (or other)rmask on and off over and over by using your hands during the day , and sliding it down to your chin/neck,or up to your forehead, as this may spread the germs/ virus. (At the very least, use the ties on back of mask to adjust it.)
          And toss used cloth masks in hot water with a bit of soap and hang to dry, after a day out in close contact with others. (Best to have a few.)
          With gloves, use common sense. Is it easier to grocery shop with them and then toss them out –or wash them, OR maybe just no gloves and wash and disinfect your hands?

          Finally, I notice NYC suggestions seem to say/ imply, we need to use masks when social distancing isn’t possible, but WHO (World Health Org.) recently recommnended we must do both. In short, how can we all limit the virus exposure in the air in front of us? Again, it’s a “we” not “me”.

      • Lin says:

        Thanks for your thoughtful advice. When I think of the over 6 million people who have filed for unemployment, the medical workers who have to stay away from their families and those who have succumbed to Covid-19 alone, it puts wearing a mask into perspective.

      • Naomi says:

        Thanks for your rational explanation.

        The selfishness of some keyboard warriors is mind-blowing to me.

      • Matt H says:

        I think people are freaking out a little too much about the chance of transmission from a one-second-long close pass by a runner or a sub-second close pass by a cyclist.

        That said, I don’t want to make people uncomfortable at all so I give lots and lots of distance. (Especially because I find that if I put a mask on I don’t get enough air. Well, tooling around the neighborhood by bike that’s not true and I do mask, but not if I’m exerting myself.) And I do keep a face-covering with me in case I find myself somewhere suddenly more crowded that I possibly would have guessed.

      • Chris says:

        These cheap mask and cotton alternatives do not protect you from this Virus. All smoke and mirrors follow the politicians like zombies.. These mask do not even protect health care workers like my self 20% OF my department has had the virus. Wearing these will promote folks to keep touching their faces as the move their mask from on to off etc

    8. Scott says:

      Cuomo probably should have done this 5 weeks ago, but the horse is out of the barn. He also should have distributed masks in subway stations. Free of charge. But that would require leadership.

    9. Jane says:

      Umm, I don’t think the face masks helped the Chinese.

    10. Potter says:

      Does this policy apply to Chuck Schumer and AOC as they give self-serving press conferences in Queens?

    11. V. N. says:

      Yesterday in Central Park a runner (no mask) passed by me and I felt a droplet on my hand. Was it sweat? Was saliva? I don’t want to know. If people don’t behave, the parks should close.

    12. Charles says:

      As you see here, you cannot expect people to be responsible, everyone is different and have strong opinions. That is why state government must make rules that protect all of us and must be enforced. Close all parks now, bikers and runners have a different set of mentality and rules, there is no reasoning to their beliefs. Ann, are you a real person and believe what you posted,
      I hope not, no one is so cruel,unfeeling in this situation we are all To Together.

    13. Rob says:

      Cuomo has already taken away all of our constitutional rights and the lines to buy food are reminiscent of communist Russia; this isn’t so bad, relatively speaking.

    14. Steven says:

      I 100% agree, if you go into a store you should be made to wear a face mask or not be allowed in. You don’t care about yourself, thats on you, but others should be protected in case you, myself or anyone else has it. It baffles me when I see people in the markets not wearing one. Today I saw a crowd of like 20 people waiting outside Chop’t for their salad order, half were not wearing masks & everyone was huddled together. What is wrong with you people?!?!?! A few days ago 700 people in NY died from this virus yet people still just don’t get it.

    15. Steven says:

      Reading some of these comments & I am even more baffled by the stupidity of some. Some say “why should I have to wear a mask walking through the park or down a street.” Well, let me give you a PERFECT example. Last week I went out to pick up dinner to take home. I wore my mask when I did. As I was walking the sidewalk was empty so I pulled my mask down. I saw some guy walking in my direction coming towards me. I was about to pull my face mask back up but thought it would seem insulting to the person if I did so I left it down. Just as the guy was about to pass me he started to cough & did NOT have the common courtesy or decency to cover his mouth. I was infuriated & said Excuse Me to which he turned around & told me to fo F**K off. THIS is why you should be wearing a mask when out at all times. They are not telling you to do it to control how you live, they are telling you to do it for your own safety. If you really can’t see that perspective on it then you’re not living in a normal reality.

      • Matt H says:

        Don’t pull your mask up and down. That’s touching your face, unnecessarily, which is exactly what you’re not supposed to do.

        Put it on once, leave it there, take it off again once home.

      • Boris says:

        You’re giving contradictory reasons for wearing a mask. Everyone should know at this point that one wears a mask to protect others in case they have the virus.

        It sounds like you know that but then you end your comment by saying “They are not telling you to do it to control how you live, they are telling you to do it for your own safety.”

        It would be unfortunate if people think wearing a mask will afford them the necessary protection to be able to to mingle with others. If one is within an unsafe distance for coming in contact with airborne virus particles, a mask won’t prevent the virus from infecting them through their eyes. I’ve seen just a few people wearing eye protection.

    16. Chris says:

      I will reiterate!
      America is a free country. It is a person’s individual responsibility to do what it takes to reasonably protect themselves. A person’s paranoia and hysteria should not be imposed on the masses or have to be followed by the masses.
      Numerous wars were fought for the basic rights that we have. Government imposed orders that have no legal grounds is what they do in nations like China and Russia. Where those governments would drag you out of your house for not following their directives. America is going down a slippery slope and dangerous precedent. If face masks can be enforced on everyone than virtually all other sort of nonsense can be enforced.
      People must remember New York city is the first city where the mayor actively tried to ban drinking soft drinks.

      People are way to eager to give up their basic freedoms based on government directives that have yet to prove we are more safe.

      • ny10023 says:

        the exceptionalism of some of these comments are disheartening.

        You realize that the face covering is to protect *other* people, not you, right?So if, god forbid, you’re an asymptomatic carrier you have less of a chance of spreading it.

        So yea, continue to go on about freedom & how unfair this whole thing is to you. You are truly special compared to everyone else around you.

      • UWSJoe says:

        Everything you wrote is correct.

        I see plenty of people walking around the UWS with surgical masks which are still heavily… and I mean heavily rationed at hospitals throughout the city. They are EXTREMELY scarce. It’s very frustrating to see my “neighbors” judging others while wearing equipment which is desperately needed in city hospitals.

        The scarier issue here is the mixed science showing that wearing the oh-so-popular cloth mask does not prevent covid transmission.

        Furthermore any “protection” given or received is negated when any mask becomes wet. Through either sweat or salvia.

        • JL says:

          @UWSjoe, the face coverings will limit your range when you talk and if you cough. Anything would help if you’re in tight spaces like Fairway. Any decrease in viral load on the oranges or eggs might even help you even if you don’t care. The virus does not discriminate and no one is immune (possibly if you’ve recovered from round 1).

      • John M D says:

        Do you use seatbelts? I am Old enough to remember ppl saying they were against seat belt laws bc “freedom”. Was all over early am talk radio back then. Ever treat car crash victims before vrs after seat belt laws took effect? I have. Any mask is better than none in proximity to ppl.

    17. JBWest says:

      I run all the time in Central Park. I get to the park early (before 6am) and work really hard to keep my distance from anyone and everyone. It’s not as easy as it sounds. The park is full by 6:15 these days and while many people try to distance, there are always those few who don’t. The problem is, you never know who is gonna be who. Today, I even saw a running group doing a workout up the west side drive, taking up the entire road and not maintaining distance from each other or anyone else. If you’re a runner or a biker and you’re reading this, PLEASE try to do your part! It just takes a little self awareness.

    18. Beattie says:

      You are all kidding yourselves if you think that a homemade mask does anything to protect you.

      Unless you have a proper mask there is no point.

      Sure, wear one and if I have to wear something in the market I will use a scarf but they are useless.

      • John says:

        Agree false sense of security what a bunch of liberal zombies. Want to buy a Bridge?

        • JL says:

          @Beattie, @John, and @anyone else who’s saying it won’t help you. You are right because we don’t have enough N95s for everyone, so healthcare workers should get first dibs on all they need.

          The face coverings are for consideration of others especially in tight spaces inside. You can say well “Live free or Die, yadda yadda yadda” I don’t give a s*** about anyone else (terrible way to live btw). That’s why privately owned grocery stores can turn you away.

          Outside public places need different kinds of enforcement. Breathing on someone can be more harmful than getting mugged in the park. Just because you will probably get away with it doesn’t mean it is right.

          The CDC website stated as early as mid-Feb that “Asymptomatic transmission CANNOT be ruled out”. I’m having a tough time understanding why 2 months later people are still arguing about masks. This “NYC” exceptionalism is a major contributor (and poor leadership) to 15,000+ fatalities and counting in the area. SF has less than 50 currently. I hope your bravado can help you if you’re sucking wind in the ER.

    19. Jruss says:

      I see where the governor is coming from and I am willing to wear a mask, but I see a substantial amount of hypocrisy to force people to wear masks and also allow people to smoke outside. Why do smokers have the right to give me second hand cancer risk? I am not sure if I am more worried about the slippery slope, or confused by the hypocrisy.

      • Jane says:

        100% with you. In fact, I have allergies and dry eye, so wearing a face mask…when my nose and eyes keep running, along with reading classes, and mittens for Raynaud’s Syndrome is extremely challenging. The fact that I am 98% sure that I had Coronavirus during the third week of January makes being required to wear a mask even more irritating. Most importantly, I resent the fact that I constantly have to walk in the street to avoid SMOKERS, and yesterday rode a bike past a driver who blew smoke right in my face. I actually thought it was my mom’s cigarette smoke that irritated my lungs the first night I came down with symptoms, but the 103 temperature that came the next day reminded me that the cigarettes may only have caused the burning in my nose, and exacerbated the initial symptoms of the oncoming virus.

    20. If you’re looking for masks, we have fully reallocated all of our resources to non-medical mask production. We are selling them for no profit and matching all purchases one-to-one, donating masks to NYC essential workers.

    21. TravelgalNYC says:

      Please runners and bikers in Central Park, wearing a mask applies to you too! I’m a biker and I’m one of only a few who wear a mask. There are new studies about the aerosols drifting in someone’s ‘slipstream’ (air behind a runner or biker) and you need between 20-50 feet distance behind a runner or biker, respectively. When I pass bikers spitting or huffing and puffing right next to me, how can that be safe? Please, this isn’t about your comfort, this is about public health!

    22. TravelgalNYC says:

      Here is the article about runners passing on their ‘aerosols’ to anyone behind them. This would apply to bikers too, which need DOUBLE the space to avoid the aerosols:

      Here is the nifty animation:

    23. lauren lese says:

      I will wear a mask when I leave my house because at this point NOT wearing one would be making a “statement” that I am not interested in making. However, as a medical professional, I have no delusion that anything other than an N95 type mask plus an eye guard will protect me or anyone else from Covid19. I am bewildered by this obsession with wearing face masks, particularly the homemade ones. Remember, early in the crisis, people were actually told NOT to wear them – I assume this is because there was a concern that ordinary citizens would buy up all the masks and health care workers would not be able to get them. It is great news that there must be plenty for health care workers now or the public would still NOT be encouraged to buy or wear them. This is important to keep in mind as we put this recommendation in perspective.

    24. Westside neighbor says:

      Litmus test for those who don’t want to wear masks:

      You’re in a crowded grocery store. Most people are unmasked …6 ft apart is more like under 1 foot. At the register you notice slight coughs somewhere in the line, and several people behind you talking loudly.

      You still cool,?… Or wish these people had masks on? (Cuz, I’m thinking …droplets are everywhere here….and nope,I won’t be shopping here next time.)

      • Beattie says:

        Actually yes. It is also allergy season or they could be a smoker. Maybe reasons for coughing. Also just trying not to cough will make you cough!

        At this point you likely have already been in contact with it a month or 2 ago. I had a friend with pneumonia is January and yes I visited him in hospital. Who knows what he had?

    25. stevieboy says:

      “Ask NOT what your country can do for you…Ask why you should be slightly inconvenienced for the greater good and health of our neighbors, essential workers and first responders.”

      Sheesh. The ignorance and selfishness of some of these comments…just WOW!

      • JL says:

        @stevieboy, it stinks from the top down. From Trump’s lies, misinformation, and deportation strategy (by Easter). To BdB’s not wanting to offend anyone- cough into your elbow, support your local restaurants. Andrew Cuomo looks good only in comparison,(but also critically late) . The CDC and Dr. Falchi not pulling the fire alarm and we wasted 2 months when the early information from multiple outbreaks were available.

        • Chris says:

          JL All your elected officials spent 100 % of their time trying to impeach Trump all the while ignoring world issues. Also do not forget they called Trump a racist for stopping flights from China in January.

          • JL says:

            Trump is unfit to lead this country during normal times, he wanted to break everything.

            >>”Also do not forget they called Trump a racist for stopping flights from China in January.”<<

            Just because someone calls you a racist, it does NOT mean you're not one. Is that still a debate? Huh? I thought he ran and won on that in '16? It's okay Chris, you're permitted to have racist views in the US. You're allowed to like Trump, there have been worst racist presidents than him, and he probably won't be the last.

            It's just not a very effective go-to strategy during a pandemic. UWS's Samantha Bee @ 3:10


            Even a broken clock is accurate briefly 2x /day, but no one used that extra lag time to prepare for a potential outbreak. So the eventual US outbreak was from travellers from Europe, again learning nothing from the Italian outbreak. Let's wait and see if the virus is any different when it gets to America,

            • UWSHebrew says:

              Your obsession with blaming Trump is a joke. This is all, and I mean all, because of the CCP who covered up and lied about human to human transmission (“it’s nearly impossible”), and the WHO, who at the very least, were duped into parroting the CCP, or more likely, knew what the truth was and for incredibly corrupt reasons, propped up the lies of the CCP to the world, which includes all those you seek to blame, including Trump, Fauci, etc. If you want to look at actual facts on a timeline, here they are: The DNC party members were obsessed with impeaching Trump 24/7 (for which Pelosi had correct initial instincts on not pursuing, but due to pressure from the much heralded “squad” and their allies, approved eventually). Trump, while having to deal with this stupid impeachment, chose to close all flights to China, for which he was instantly called a racist by Pelosi (third in line to be President), Schumer (arguably the most powerful Senator), and Biden (who by then had all but sealed up to be the DNC nominee for Prez). Grow up. You may be young, hate Trump with a passion, angry that Bernie is not your nominee, but that’s the way it is. Let’s all do our part and out best during this viral war, and help our neighbors if we can. We’re New Yorkers and for heavens sake, lets put aside our politics (in real life, which I do, I’ve lost count at the times I stay quiet while people who talk to me say F Trump and worse), and try to get through this.

    26. Donna Halpin says:


      • JL says:

        Like Trump likes to tell people, just everyone “calm down”. The face coverings don’t need to be anything special. You don’t need to go out and buy anything fancy like a Vader helmet.

        A simple bandana/scarf will be just fine, scroll to the picture at top. If you HAVE to go out into someone else’s space, it’ll limit the “say it, don’t spray it” effect when getting a loaf of delicious bread. Pulling a scarf over your nose is not so hard when it’s still cold out.

      • jen says:

        just rip up a shirt and tie it around the face, or wear a scarf, a cotton scarf. it is just to keep your breath from blowing out too far, and to keep your germ in your zone.

      • Boris says:

        It’s also mandatory to wear clothes in public but the government isn’t obligated to give them to you.

      • Terry says:

        Easy instructions for making a face mask using a handkerchief and hair ties, with no sewing needed:

    27. Joe Diblasi says:

      Draconian and unconstitionasl!

    28. Tommy says:

      Yeah right, OK you want to tattoo a number on my arm next? Show me in the U.S. Constitution where it says government can force us to wear anything. People who don’t see this tyranny need to wake the fook up. This BS flu virus no different than any other has gone too far and long enough. Cuomo and the rest of the tyrannical deep state need to be put in prison for life.

      • Dave Potter says:

        Hey Tommy I agree with you… And I agree that the Democratically controlled press is out of control. BIG reason why this Flu Season is getting so much attention is because it is an election year and the Democrats are throwing everything on the stove to try and make Trump look bad. Like other people said, Trump’s administration was fighting all those stupid impeachment hearings when they “could” have been looking into what was going on with this virus over in China back in January. We have flu season EVERY year, this year it just happens to be a bad one. But people are going to blame anything that happens with it, on Trump. I have a BIG question for a lot of people, why should Trump catch the blame for not having an action plan for something like this, when NO OTHER previous administration even started work on a crisis plan??? All in all, I DO NOT THINK THAT CUOMO has the constitutional right to order people to wear masks. I would love to see someone or group with enough money take him and the state to court about these issues.

    29. JL says:

      @UWShebrew, 4/17, 8:39PM (reply button off?)

      I feel you UWShebrew. Thank you for putting together a list of the talking points for Fox news. I have a physical reaction to watching (so I don’t) Trump’s briefings reading like a 3rd grader word by word. If you watch some of his interviews back in the 80s and 90s, he talks like a Nobel laureate in comparison. So either this is intentional or it’s some kind of dementia. So thanks again for the info.

      I’ve often lamented to friends that my vote never counts (not like in FL, and OH) in the national elections because I live in NY. It must be terrible to be a conservative Trump supporter living in the UWS. Not being able to voice your perspective among friends and family.

      >> “lets put aside our politics (in real life, which I do, I’ve lost count at the times I stay quiet while people who talk to me say F Trump and worse), and try to get through this.”>>

      We’ll get through this sooner or later, but upwards of 20,000 of our neighbors’ lives will have been cut short (just like the flu, right?). So I’m mixing in some of my anger with the grief. It’s political because the politicians are in charge of our collective welfare in the pandemic. I’m not letting our “common sense” progressive mayor off the hook, so I’m not being partisan in my anger and your shots at me are off target.

      You can blame the CCP for doing what they do, but you cannot deny the facts that S. Korea and Italy are U.S. allies and opened books to us in scientific data. And if you still believe the NYTimes is the paper of record – Trump had the pertinent info as early as January !

      You’re also correct about the cooperation needed in moving forward. This ain’t over by a long shot. We’re still bickering about covering our faces in public while the president is urging supporters to defy state governors’ orders to self-isolate. Divide and conquer, is still his go to strategy.

      I get it, I have republicans in my family also. Vote with your wallet/pocket book, be fearful of the lefties and commies. I hope you make it through to spend what you got. I don’t know how many more years you expect to get out of this lifetime, but no one makes it out alive regardless of political parties. I side with the one that’s closer to the truth and less hateful.

      • UWSHebrew says:

        You don’t “get it”. Your arrogant assumptions about me, including that I vote with my “wallet/pocketbook” is beyond offensive. Good luck with Biden. Bye.

    30. Bill says:

      People are making many comments and forgetting one thing. Is any of this real? Has the government lied to you? What do you actually know about the corona virus? Has anyone died
      from the Covid-19 and only from the Covid-19 with no other preexisting conditions such as diabetes, cancer, emphysema, old age etc.? Today its a face mask, next year…….. MANDATORY VACCINATIONS.. ENJOY YOU MERCURY, ALUMINUM, FORMALDEHYDE AND OTHER CARCINOGENS.

    31. Sandy says:


    32. John K says:

      It is true people don’t have the right to infect others. However it is not my responsibility to make sure you are protected. It is your responsibility to protect yourself. Mask wearing my give you a false sense of security. I was out Saturday shopping. about 40% no mask out of the 60% wearing bandannas wont protect you ,improper use, homemade cloth masks although they get people involved they wont protect you.

    33. Sue says:

      I have no problems wearing a mask. I’m a dental hygienist and wear one every day. The issue is, a mask is giving a false sense of security. If you’re touching things and become contaminated then rub your eyes , how does a mask help.? You would have to make sure everyOne that comes into a store wearing a mask , has thoroughly washed their hands first so as nit to contaminate surfaces. and then never touches their face ( nose or mouth) or takes off their mask to cough or sneeze or blow their nose . I see so many people wearing masks incorrectly or wearing gloves while scratching their face or talking on the phone Wearing gloves and masks do not inhibit getting a virus. Also, viruses
      aren’t like a “ magic bullet”
      They dont fly around targeting people. Yes, if you walk in the wake of another persons’cough or sneeze, it’s a problem. But touching a contaminated surface then touching your eyes, nose or mouth is probably more likely how you will get this virus. A mask will not help you if you unfortunately touch something then infect yourself.
      Always practice good hygiene never assume your ha RS are clean and be aware of other people coughing and sneezing. Common sense.

    34. Jay says:

      Let’s celebrate the Social Justice Warriors that demonize others for choosing to not wear something on their body.

      I find the contradiction and hypocrisy of majority that commented absolutely hilarious.

      You can demonize people from having a differing opinion from you, but the reality is no matter how many paragraphs you type, people still won’t agree with you.

      I find it interesting as I walk around, you have those that feel the NEED to educate you on what you should be doing. I’m very curious if all of you that are demonizing others for a difference in opinion will continue your social justice warrior march for other causes of major deaths in the US when this dies down- or will you continue in your self observed bubble.

      ‘You’ll care if this happened to your friend or family member’ is another one I see often on these posts. Any death can come up randomly and is extremely unfortunate. How many of you still decide to drink alcohol, smoke a cig/joint, go in a plane, have unprotected sex, etc.- but you don’t think twice. All can cause death. It’s YOUR choice right?

      The same group that continue to demonize don’t believe the government has the RIGHT to tell women what they should do with their body, don’t believe in mandatory vaccinations, or don’t believe in having others enter in our country legally- love everyone. But, it’s interesting how your views change.

      I’m not here to change your mind, but I am here to share there is a large large portion of people that do not share your views. They’re quiet, because they don’t spend every waking moment online acting as social justice warriors. They’ll fight this in different ways, and will also show up at the voting booths in November.

      Your city is broke. Your city is in massive amount of debt, and people are running from it every year with record amounts going to other states to choose a better quality of life. Businesses can’t afford to be there, and the amount of homelessness and welfare recipients continues to rise at an astronomical amount. I love how everyone just turns a blind eye to this, because it ‘doesn’t impact you’. If it were up to many of you, you’d keep the city closed for the remainder of the year.

      Lastly, I believe what we did in the beginning was the right thing to do to SLOW the progression of the virus. Everything that we discussed was to SLOW the amount of cases at once so hospitals didn’t get overwhelmed. We never did this to STOP the virus. The original projection stated the same amount of people would get infected regardless, it was only done to ensure hospitals did not crash. Now the verbiage has changed for us to CHAMPION the virus.

      This won’t happen. People will continue getting sick with this until 2022. We leveled off, we may potentially have another surge, but we’ll keep moving as we do with EVERY other death that reveals itself in this country- that all of you turn your head too.