Man Arrested for Threat To Blow Up Alice in Wonderland Statue in Central Park

The Alice in Wonderland statue. Photo by Mal B.

Kevin Fallon, 30, was charged with “making a terroristic threat”, along with other crimes, after police say he texted friends and family members that he planned to blow up the Alice in Wonderland statue in Central Park.

Fallon appears to be the person police were responding to during Saturday’s bomb threat alert on West 82nd Street, though we are awaiting word from police to be sure.

The complaint from the District Attorney’s office says that Fallon sent a group text on April 9 “stating in substance that the defendant was going to blow up the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ statue in Central Park, which is a public place where people are likely to be present.”

That person also allegedly “received a text message from the defendant containing a picture of what appeared to a pipe bomb and rifle ammunition and then a message from the defendant stating in substance: See you at the wedding. Catch me if you can. Look both ways before you cross the street. This is going to hurt. None of you are safe. I am lethal . . . said this character I’m writing. Would be what a pussy would say.”

On April 11 another person received “a message from the defendant containing a picture of what appeared to be a pipe bomb with a wristwatch wrapped around it.”

Another message allegedly warned about an alarm clock bomb that was “filled with powder and ready to detonate.”

The Post reports that police went to his mother’s Upper West Side apartment on Saturday to do a “wellness check.”

While there, the DA’s complaint says, the police found “what appeared to be three pipe bombs, which ultimately ended up being empty, from the defendant’s apartment. I recovered, pursuant to search warrant N0263-2020, what appears to be rifle ammunition, including one round in which the projectile had been removed, and multiple knives taped together, from the defendant’s apartment.”

Bail was set at $50,000 cash, $300,000 partially secured bond, $50,000 credit card. The next court date is July 13.

An attorney for Fallon did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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    1. VERONICA says:

      Stupidity needs to be a crime.

    2. UWSHebrew says:

      Kevin Fallon needs to be locked up in a psych ward or jail for looooooong time. Remember the poor guy who had leg blown off in Central Park a few years ago. Still unsolved.

    3. UWSHebro says:


    4. young_man! says:

      The guy made some stupid remarks and probably needs a psych evalation but it doesn’t appear that anything taken from the apartment was illegal.

      • cb says:

        nothing illegal? they found 3 pipes! i think that those pipes just might be evidence, combined with other evidence? just a hunch.

    5. John John says:

      He’s out on bail until July?

    6. Rita says:

      Lock him up and keep him locked up!!! No one needs to be wasting time on another unhinged person while we have so much else going on!!