Bomb Squad Responding to Report on 82nd Street (Updated)

The NYPD bomb squad responded to a call at 212 West 82nd Street on Saturday afternoon.

An NYPD spokesperson did not have further information on what prompted the call, but the block is shut down and we have heard that residents of at least one nearby building have been evacuated.

Update: An FDNY spokesperson told WSR that “at 2:43 p.m., an emotionally disturbed person made the call about a suspicious package. The NYPD handled it.”

Thanks to Colleen and Jesse for the photos. This is a developing story and we will have more details later.

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    1. nyc10023 says:

      why don’t the cops have masks on?

      • AC says:

        I was talking to the NYPD and asked the same question. He said if things went “boom”, the mask would be useless. I walked away when the Bomb-mobile showed up!

        • mkmuws says:

          Much more important for them to be social distancing, which is the actual mandated policy. They are not doing that either.

    2. Otto Leporida says:

      Those officers should be social distancing- looks like they’re standing too close.

    3. Theresa Buell says:

      Police told me “someone is trying to harm themself”

    4. jimbo says:

      Typical UWSer.No masks????Just be happy there was no explosion.

    5. Susan says:

      Anyone hear a thunder like noise last night?

      • lynn says:

        Yes, I’ve been hearing it for a couple of weeks. At first I thought the worst, but maybe it’s just jets flying over? I honestly don’t know but it’s very disconcerting.

        • During the night, where I live, its an empty garbage truck hitting a pothole in the street. The noise and reverberation sounds like thunder or an explosion.

          • Carol says:

            I think I hear that! I always thought it sounded like a bunch of metal being dropped into a a truck all at once — and I guess it is!

    6. Robert Dalia says:

      How about minding your own business and let the cops do what there supposed to do.If you got something to say join the NYPD.

      • Evan Bando says:

        If you think police officers standing around in small groups talking without wearing masks is not our business, then, you still, after all this time, do not understand COVID-19.

        • mkmuws says:

          Ditto on if you think masks are more important than social distancing. They are absolutely not. One is policy, one is a suggestion that largely makes people feel better.

    7. LesleyB says:

      Their not wearing masks makes me really angry. I had a box of masks because I am immuno-deficient and donated most of them to the police a few weeks ago, keeping back only a few. And they’re not using them?!! Grrrr.

    8. Joyce Weidenaar says:

      Nearly all the police we have seen on our daily walks are wearing masks. We’ve approached them and they shrug and say there aren’t enough of them. Seems like the rest of us have been real effective at either sourcing them or making them, even with nothing but a T-shirt and some rubber bands. It’s not surprising that 18% of the force is out sick, but some of it is surely preventable. I don’t know whether to be outraged or sad. PS Same goes for many fire fighters!!!!!

    9. Joanne Silverman says:

      That is what “on the job” means.

    10. Enough says:

      Daily News specifically mentioned that the deranged person lives on West 82nd st, across the street from me. I really see no upside to living here anymore, too much crap to deal with at all times, now this