Here’s What Upper West Siders are Baking With All That Flour and Yeast They’re Buying

The baking aisle at Upper West Side supermarkets has been as bare as the toilet paper aisle.

We put out a call for photos of the delicious concoctions that you’re making with all that flour and yeast, and let’s just say our baking pan runneth over.

It’s enough to leaven your spirits, or make you challah from the rooftops!

Check out these biscuits and other delights from Kate Groob:

Mary Pflum Peterson has been teaching her four children about baking. Ahh, if only we could audit these classes! “We are incorporating my own brand of Home Economics class into the kids’ extensive remote learning schedule. We bake every day – cakes, cookies, brownies, pie,” she wrote.

Svetlana Rabey of West 74th Street is also making delicacies, and her 7-year-old son has been gobbling them up. “It’s helping the son grow tall, and the husband grow fat,” her husband Colin tells us.

Hila Paldi made rolls using this recipe. and showed us the progression.

Laura made chocolate whiskey cake!

Sam said she had some yeast nearing expiration, so she made these fluffy biscuits:

She made the bread below too:

Celia and Lia made this no-knead bread.

Sarah M. made scones, in the Le Pain Quotidien style:

Challah too:

Irish Soda Bread by David Anchel.

Bindu Kurra tells us she’s been taking “baking adventures”:

And Peg Bradshaw has a talent for pies:

If you have more great eats to showcase, please send them to westsiderag at gmail!

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    1. UWSHebrew says:

      Can someone make a killer carrot cake so I can vicariously enjoy it from the picture?

    2. sabene figueroa says:

      Any chance recipes can be posted?

    3. Sms says:

      Anyone want to share recipes to go with those great pictures?

    4. NotImpressed says:

      These pictures are so wonderful.
      Any chance of sharing some recipes?

    5. Marcia-K says:

      Nice to see my late mother’s maccaroons recipe in there. Lookin’ good..

    6. Ruth Bonnet says:

      This made me smile – and made me hungry! Imagine how much more will be baked after Passover is done tonight!

    7. NYYgirl says:

      I have gained 10 pounds just looking at these photos!!!

    8. Gaia Stern says:

      Bindu Kurra – that soft looking cake with a few sprinkles looks delightful! May I have the recipe please?

    9. goldie says:

      Please, please the recipes!!!!!

    10. DD says:

      Has anyone found a source that has rye flour in stock? Local or online, but not 20 pound bags!
      And wow, what terrific looking baked goods! I’ve only made no-knead white and whole wheat bread so far.

    11. Lisa says:

      Peg Bradshaw, could you please send in the recipe for the multi-fruit pie in the top photo? It looks scrumptious!

    12. dc says:

      omg the chocolate whiskey cake…two of the best concoctions in human history in one treat.

    13. Roseann Milano says:

      What a brilliant subject and such glorious outcomes. I appreciate it so much even if I shouldn’t even have one single calorie of any of them.

    14. KSR says:

      Recipe for those biscuits—PLEASE!

    15. Uws mom says:

      Hila P – nice work! Recognized the great Jenny rolls right away 🙂 Favorite recipe.

      Thanks for the smiles. Now for the distanced masked brisk walk…