Goddard Riverside Delivering Letters to Local Seniors; How to Send One

Goddard Riverside, the social service nonoprofit that works with seniors and others in the neighborhood, has been delivering letters to people who live in its senior home or receive delivered meals from the agency.

“Like the rest of us, many older adults are struggling with a sense of isolation. But social distancing is especially important for them, so we really appreciate everyone pitching in to help them feel valued and connected to the community while they stay safe,” said Executive Director Roderick Jones.

The letters go to people living at Phelps House, its older adult residence at 593 Columbus Avenue at 89th Street, and to people who receive meals delivered to their home, Goddard tells us. Both children and adults have sent letters. The kids also send drawings.

To participate, send your letter to:

Goddard Riverside
Attn: Older Adults Project
593 Columbus Avenue
New York, NY 10024

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    1. Nelson says:

      Great idea and a wonderful thing we can all take some time to do for our neighbors while we’re staying at home.

    2. Nancy says:

      Did Mr. Jones offer any guidelines regarding sign off on these letters or providing contact info to the recipient in case he/she wishes to correspond? Thanks for any additional info.

    3. HelenD says:

      This is a great idea but I wonder if they could set up some kind of e communications where they would print out letters at each facility. I was able to do this for someone in a nursing home in another state. I don’t have a doorman or mail collection so it would mean going out to mail the letters and then depending on the post office to make the deliveries.

    4. Jenny says:

      Lovely idea!!!!

    5. Marcia-K says:

      What a wonderful project!!! W/o individual names to address to, how do they distribute the mail that’s being delivered?

    6. Barrie says:

      Don’t have a card or postage stamp? Be my guest and send one card (including a picture) on me. Just go here:
      https://sendoutcards.app.link/RwoqcwUh6T can do it from phone or computer. They will ask for your credit card, however, on this first card will be free at check out.

    7. Connie Dickinson says:

      What a TERRIFIC idea! We’ll send one card every day! At this time a piece of mail feels like a special treat.

      Bravo to Goddard Riverside!