Two Local Nursing Homes Have Reported More Than 20 Covid-19 Deaths Each

New Jewish Home.

Nursing homes have been hit hard by Covid-19, and two on the Upper West Side made a state list of the homes hit hardest by the disease.

New Jewish Home at 120 West 106th Street recorded 21 deaths, according to a new state list of deaths that occurred inside nursing homes. The Riverside, at 150 Riverside Drive between 87th and 88th Streets, recorded 22 deaths.

Nursing homes have been the site of some of the most devastating Covid outbreaks across the city — one in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn recorded 55 deaths.

Some are criticizing the state data for being incomplete and not recording the true toll to nursing home residents, because it doesn’t include residents who died in hospitals.

State cuts to Medicaid have put some nursing homes in precarious financial shape, and sometimes low on staff, just as the disease hit the state. New Jewish Home, which has 514 beds, had been asking for people to donate personal protective equipment — and even basic supplies like hand soap — for its staff last month.

After reading our article about the supply shortage, Godwyn Morris at local business Skill Mill (949 Amsterdam Avenue) started making face shields with the company’s 3D printing and laser cutting equipment. “While our regular work has disappeared we are perfectly equipped to produce this much needed equipment,” she told us.

Skill Mill partnered with the Rodeph Sholom school, which donated 3D printers, and Tikkun Olam Makers, a global non-profit that has a web platform with instructions to make face masks and other equipment.

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    1. Gladys says:

      How many staff members were infected?

    2. Dorrie says:

      Walked by the New Jewish home on Friday morning and saw a truck load of oxygen tanks being unloaded under police guard. On Tuesday 3 ambulances and a fire truck took people to the hospital. Clearly a lot of people are infected in the New Jewish home and the administrators are not owning up to how bad the outbreak is. Are the seniors getting adequate care?

      • Madd Donna says:

        Of course not!! My mother was sent to New Jewish Home last summer and died within 2 months. Staff, doctors and nurses lie, mix up patients and the neglect and buffoonery is beyond comprehension. Horrible institution and surprised there were only 20 deaths.

    3. UWSider says:

      I happened to have been walking on the sidewalk earlier this week JUST when someone deceased was being taken away through the Riverside’s side service door. It was shocking to me, as the man doing the job looked like he was taking trash out. It took me a few seconds to realize the situation, and I had to cross the street to avoid crashing into the stretcher. It may not have been a COVID related death, as the worker was not wearing a mask. At this point, however, it’s hard to assume otherwise.

    4. Gretchen says:

      Makes me wonder if the Amsterdam House, a rehab and nursing home on Amsterdam Ave. & 112th St., has fully reported any Covid fatalities, and if so, how many. It’s a very large facility right near the Lt. Luke’s, Mt. Sinai hospital.

    5. donald a beck says:

      In our facility we have implemented live in care providers. Providers who live in the facility with the residents. This eliminates transmission of coronavirus from the outside community to our facility. We have employees willing to provide this level of protection to their clients. God bless them they are saving life’s. Six weeks in and all is well.

    6. Spence Halperin says:

      The New Jewish Home is a hellhole at the best of times. Drop in at night to see your lived one. Hideous. I know.

    7. Anonymous says:

      I live on the UWS but work in a nursing home in Queens and have friends in nursing homes in Manhattan and the Bronx. These facilities were woefully unprepared for this outbreak, both in terms of adequate PPE and appropriate infection control protocols. The other huge problem is that the Department of Health has instructed nursing homes for the last few weeks to stop testing for COVID-19 and to simply assume everyone in the facility has the virus. So when residents pass away they aren’t counted in the state totals because they never officially tested positive.

    8. DF says:

      Thank you SKill Mill/Rodeph Sholom/Tikkun Olam Makers

    9. Jane says:

      How great, Godwyn. Face shields are needed and you are making them and providing them to heroic health care workers.How resourceful to team up to get the 3D printers from the Rodelph Sholom school. Thank you, neighbor.

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    11. Suzy says:

      It’s worth remembering that the residents of The New Jewish home on 106 St would have been in a modern facility on 97 St — with self contained units featuring dedicated staff, discrete kitchen facilities and single rooms and bathrooms. But community groups decided that they needed the weed grown former parking lot more than they needed a new nursing home. So please, stop before you criticize.

    12. Lynn says:

      I love how people who have no information pass judgement. The country was not ready for this and still having trouble with getting proper testing etc. Do not point fingers. These facilities have had a very difficult time. How about some compassion instead of bashing.