Fresh Pasta is BACK!


Arco Cafe, at 886 Amsterdam (103rd Street), has been handcrafting, cooking and serving fresh pasta to the UWS for six years. Arco was a neighborhood hangout–for families, solo diners and groups seeking fresh, healthy, regional Italian dishes. But when COVID-19 intervened, brother and sister Daniele and Francesca Fiori, who came to New York from Sardinia, felt they had no choice but to close.

Now, the beloved neighborhood restaurant is back. As of April 18, Arco Cafe has reopened for takeout and delivery to a wide swath of the UWS. They are focusing on what they do best – homemade fresh pasta, sauces from scratch, salads and desserts.

“We don’t expect to make a profit,” said Daniele. “But we can keep our staff working and eating, serve the neighborhood, and hopefully pay for the cost of operating.”

For the first time, the restaurant will also sell its many fresh pastas and sauces ready to cook at home as well. Rare Sardinian wines, and other Italian selections are available by the bottle.

“It’s time for new ideas so we can navigate this time of uncertainty. We can still do our part – we can cook through this crisis,” Daniele added.

To see the new menu and order online, go to Or call 646-781-9080 during new business hours, 5 – 9:30 pm seven days a week.

When you order through, you help us avoid the high fees that delivery apps charge and you get a 10% discount on all orders.

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