Help Us Crowdsource A List of Open Laundromats

We’ve heard from several readers that finding an open laundromat has become a particularly difficult task. So let’s try to put together a list of open laundry spots to help each other out.

We’ll start. Ecowash at 72 West 69th Street remains open, with new hours. Thanks to Tina for the photo.

Leave your laundromat tips in the comments.

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    1. Rachel says:

      EcoWash is a gem! Owner Tony, and Orchid
      ( when she gets back) take LTC of your clothes.
      I have been a satisfied customer for years!

    2. Victoria says:

      CU Launderette at 244 W72nd between Broadway / West End is open for drop off everyday except Sunday.

    3. Suzanne says:

      Laundromat on Amsterdam between 91st and 92nd

      • Woodcider says:

        They’ve changed their hours.
        COVID-19 Hours: M&Tues; Th – Sun: 8am – 6pm
        LAST WASH – 4pm;
        Wed – CLOSED

      • JeffS of West 90th Street says:

        Suzanne, and others who have been posting here, please include whether the employees will wash, dry and fold your laundry for you and what they charge for their services. Thanks.

      • Sally Campbell says:

        Called West Side Wash. 648 Amsterdam Ave. Very nice!

    4. StevenCinNYC says:

      Xtra Kleen
      210 W 94th St # 3, New York, NY 10025
      They do a great job with wash dey and fold

    5. christine nazario says:

      105th and Columbus laundromat is open
      105-106 Amsterdam is open
      Ad 107-108 Amsterdam is open

    6. Linda Ostrow says:

      Polycleaners is drop off/pick-up or delivery. They do the wash and fold. Great operation! 60 West 75th St. (212) 721-0478.

    7. Julia says:

      I think Bubbles on west side of Broadway between 106-107 or 107-108 is open. It was open last week, but not the week before.

    8. woodcider says:

      More importantly, what are their new hours, because many have changed drastically.

    9. JP says:

      Lincoln Terrace Cleaners
      Amsterdam between 66th & 67th
      is open and does wash & fold, pick up/delivery

    10. Ginny says:

      All Being Clean W77th and Bdwy

    11. debn says:

      West 79th between Amsterdam and Broadway

    12. Cletus says:

      Sunshine Laundromat in Greenpoint Brooklyn remains open 8am-7pm daily and is worth the trip. This tourist destination/functional laundromat offers drop off and full service.

      • HelenD says:

        I’m confused. Worth the trip from the UWS (on the subway)? 😮

        • AJ says:

          Not worth the trip, but worth the SEO (search engine optimization) benefit for the linkback from this site which presumably appears relatively high up in search results for laundromats open in NYC right now. That’s presumably why the NJ laundromat below posted here as well…

    13. Andrew in RVA says:

      EcoWash is great. Lived across the street for years. Tony, and his brother (used to be there) are awesome. Even after moving, Tony still remembered me when I saw him around the neighborhood. Glad to see they are still operating!

    14. Gretchen says:

      One on W. 74th St. between Amsterdam and Columbus, just a few doors down from Levain bakery.

    15. Milton Espinoza says:

      During Stay at Home Orders We are Open!
      175 Broad Avenue
      Fairview, NJ 07702
      Open Sunday-Saturday 6 a.m. to 8 p.m., last wash 6:30 p.m.

      TLC Wash House
      600-602 22nd Street
      Union City, NJ 07087
      Open Sunday-Saturday 6 a.m. to 8 p.m., last wash 6:30 p.m.

    16. TJ says:

      BUBBLES. ON WEST SIDE BROADWAY BETWEEN 107th and 108th. 212-665-0888. Call first in case they, too, close.

    17. ST says:

      My laundromat is my tub nowadays.

    18. Hambone says:

      82nd off Broadway…200 block

    19. JKP says:

      westside laundromat on 74th off of amsterdam! they’re lovely and just doing drop-off for now.

    20. sam says:

      After my local laundry/dry cleaner closed, I ended up buying a small portable washing machine for the duration of this whole thing and have just been doing small loads of my own laundry every few days. given my wardrobe these days (track pants, leggings, t-shirts), it’s working pretty well as a system – bedsheets are the most complicated item just due to size.

    21. Amy Cook says:

      Silver Star is open, West 72nd.

      • lynn says:

        Thank you everyone for this list! I had no idea that half of these places existed, much less that Silver Star did laundry on the premises. I had brought in dry cleaning (pre Covid) and was told the laundry was sent out. I’ll give them another shot. : )

      • LongtimeNYer says:

        Silverstar is NOT open. I was a regular wash & fold & delivery customer until March 23rd, when they closed without notice.

        • lynn says:

          So sorry to hear that. Thank you for the update! I tried another laundry from the list. Nice service, appreciative owner, small space, we were both wearing a mask/gloves and another customer walked in and stood less than 2 feet away from me while I completed my transaction. I’m staying inside for the duration. :0

    22. Wash-o cleaners is open
      Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm
      Saturday 10am to 4pm
      Sunday close
      Pick up and delivery service in all Manhattan
      Affordable price and nice wash and fold you can see the reviews on Yelp

    23. Xtra Clean. 94th Street between Amsterdam and Broadway across from Day’s Inn.

    24. lisa says:

      There are two laundromats open on Amsterdam ave between 105th and 107th streets

    25. Dp says:

      A message to all the morons who decided at nice day today was worth perpetuating our situation….if we all simply did what we were supposed to, this would potentially be over now….get a f’ing clue about what is happening a!!holes. Not only do you put yourself at risk, but you but the first responders at even more risk….wake up! This isn’t some conspiracy, it’s reality!

    26. Wijmlet says:

      Could you also please list any open shoemakers/shoe repair shops?

      Sometimes they are part of a locksmith business, which must stay open.Thanks.

    27. Kate says:

      Eco Wash is one of the grossest laundromats I’ve ever been to – got bedbugs from them! Check the Google reviews. The one on 71st and Columbus is much cleaner.

    28. Marcia says:

      Maison Cleaners just West of Columbus on 88th St. is open Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 9:00 to 3:00.

    29. Carter says:

      French Cleaners at 116 W 72nd is open 9-2 Mon-Fri for wash & fold drop off and dry cleaning. They are also giving away homemade masks.

    30. Jayson says:

      Off Broadway Laundromat
      Dry cleaner in New York City, New York
      Address: 224 W 104th St, New York, NY 10025

    31. AK says:

      Westside Laundromat at 74th and Amsterdam, next door to Levain, is open until 6pm. Monday/Wednesday/Friday self-service is permitted I believe, and pick up/drop off available always. Masks required, and the owner ensures the process is contactless. Highly recommended!

    32. TK says:

      85th Street Laundromat called me to say they’ve reopened. They wash and fold for you and I’ve always received good service there. Phone is (212) 874-6221 and they are located on 85th Street between Broadway and West End.

    33. Jacob William says:

      Long Island Laundry is doing all sorts of laundry with free pick up and drop off.

      Owner: Anthony Perfetti

      61 Glen St, Glen Cove, NY 11542

      I Just love the way they do laundry.

    34. Anne P says:

      Extra Kleenex laundry
      W 94th Bdwy/ Amsterdam
      Great laundry..full service and self service open
      Jason and Shirley…GREAT JOB!!

    35. Marsha says:

      Hudson Dry Cleaners at 101st and Broadway is open for dry cleaning and wash-and-fold. Excellent service at a reasonable price

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    37. MLW says:

      Oxford Cleaners is back open – 285 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10023 – between 73rd and 74th.

      Dropped off laundry on Saturday at 9:00 AM and picked it up same day @ 4:00 PM. $1.25/ per pound. I was impressed by how everything turned out and they matched socks too!

      Hours of operation (I believe) is from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Monday – Saturday (but please double check)