Sign of the Times: Fully Protected, On Earth or Any Planet

A bicyclist took the state’s requirement to wear a mask to the next level last week on a ride through Central Park. Perhaps it was a sly reference to Gov. Cuomo’s decision to invoke Apollo 13 at a recent press conference.

50 years ago this week, Apollo 13 gets damaged 220,000 miles from earth. Somehow they figure out how to get a spaceship back 220,000 miles 50 years ago. That’s America. Okay. Figure out how to do testing. Figure out how to use technology to do tracing. That’s what we have to work on. We have to do that together. We have to do as a government what our people have done, right?

Thanks to Tina Brown for the photo.

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    1. Rita Roark says:

      Right on! Enough said.

    2. GO, CUOMO ! says:

      Many many congrats to Gov. Cuomo for his daily briefings!

      Cuomo personifies his NYC roots:
      Blunt, tough-talking, no B.S., and REAL… calmly facing the camera and speaking his mind.

      How different from a certain someone’s nightly “briefings” where he mumbles almost inaudibly as he reads blatant untruths from a page which:
      a) he probably had never seen previously; and
      b) he reads, pretending he cares, b/c he was told it would help his re-election.

      • Why Cuomo says:

        This guy loves the spotlight and it will be magnified in 2024, when he’s questioned on why he disbanded the Commission Investigating Corruption in Albany.

        • Leave_Please says:

          Leave the state if you don’t like him. Who else is standing up against POTUS?

          • Boris says:

            Telling him to leave the state is the best retort that you have? How infantile.

            But if he does leave the state as so many New Yorkers have been doing already, will you leave the country if you don’t like Trump? It follows logically that you should.

    3. joseph hanania says:

      I love the wry humor here.

      • Bread-n-Butter Guy says:

        Re: “I love the wry humor here”

        I prefer pumpernickel, or maybe a nice cinnamon-raisin, but none of that gluten-free, dietetic, non-GMO, organic, errr…stuff!

    4. bloomie says:

      As for testing, tracing… not gonna happen. But now, schools ain’t what they used to be, 50 years ago.