Indie Film Group That Was Washed Out in Flood Finds New Screening Venue

The theater at the Museum of Arts and Design.

New Plaza Cinema, a group formed to show independent films on the Upper West Side after Lincoln Plaza Cinemas on 62nd Street closed, has bounced around to various theaters in the past couple of years. Its latest venue, the New York Institute of Technology, experienced a disastrous flood after a water main broke in January.

UPDATE: These screenings have been postponed due to the coronavirus.

Now, New Plaza is back, and planning to host films at the Museum of Arts and Design (MAD) in Columbus Circle. It will screen several films, including Cinema Paradiso and Pedro Almodovar’s Pain & Glory, on March 12 and 14 at the new venue.  “If all goes well, we hope to do more regular screenings there until we find our permanent home,” wrote New Plaza’s Abbe Harris.

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    1. nhughes212 says:

      Wow! I remember when that building was the Huntington Hartford Gallery of Modern Art and regularly showed film revivals in the basement theater.

    2. Ellen Pliskin says:

      Unfortunately, as much as I support them and have gone to many of their screenings, this is not the time to reopen anywhere. Especially since their audience tends to be over 65+. Safety first!

    3. Arlene mehlman says:

      Thank you. Miss lincoln plaza soooooo much

    4. Yay this is great news. who knew there was such a beautiful screening room at the MAD.
      What time on MArch 14 if you are going fw this week Maybe you should wait because of the virus?.

    5. Marcia says:

      I appreciate the ocmmitment and perseverance of
      thos ighting to add this fledgling art film house offering

    6. Petunia says:

      Fantastic! Showing two of my favorite movies!

    7. John E. says:

      Glad they found a new home. Snake bitten as they are, I’m impressed with the New Plaza Cinema volunteers and their fight to stay alive. My wife and I will continue to attend movies at any venue they find!

    8. George Yourke says:

      Why did the original “Lincoln Plaza Cinema close and remains closed. What was the point?

      • lynn says:

        Weren’t there structural problems? Maybe they can’t find anyone who wants to put all of that work into it.