Head of Central Park Conservancy Tests Positive for Coronavirus; Staff Members Quarantined

Elizabeth Smith, the president of the Central Park Conservancy, tested positive for the coronavirus, the conservancy said. Her husband, Rick Cotton, the head of Port Authority, is also positive for the disease, Gov. Cuomo announced on Monday.

Smith is working remotely, and a dozen members of her team at the conservancy are under quarantine, the Post reported. None of the staff members has tested positive. Smith was tested after “experiencing mild symptoms over the weekend,” the conservancy said.

Smith was appointed in 2018.

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    1. Seth says:

      We wish you a speedy recovery!

    2. SLJ says:

      Is it known how they got it?

    3. Nadine Elizabeth Kellogg says:

      Hope that you will be feeling better soon.

    4. jezbel says:

      Hoping they both have a light case and wishing them both a speedy recovery. Good for them for allowing themselves to be revealed to the public as the first faces to be identified.

    5. ida says:

      What are “mild symptoms”? Why weren’t those specified in the article? I think we are all going a little mad trying to figure out what kind of cough is “symptomatic” for example, when there is no fever, and when we should self quarantine.

      • lynn says:

        I would like to know this too. I’ve had a cold, flu, and sinus infections with a fever since Thanksgiving of last year.My lungs have always been clear but I have never stopped coughing. I’m not sure I would even know if I did have the virus at this point.

      • Peter says:

        You would like to rely on a neighborhood Rag written by a layperson for quality, comprehensive medical information?

      • jezbel says:

        Mild symptoms are a stuffy or runny nose, sore throat, possibly a low grade temperature (99 – 100.3). Check at the CDC website or at Weill Cornell site or even NIH, National Institutes of Health. For latest statistics go to Johns Hopkins Medical College site online.

    6. Janice Barandes says:

      she was able to be tested.. ?

    7. ian says:

      i didn’t know that the head of the central park conservancy was married to the head of the port authority. cool coincidence that the head of one NY institution would be married to the head of another NY institution