West Side Rag Jeopardy: 2019 Edition

Bookstore saved! See question 9.

You say you’re a devoted reader of the Rag? Let’s find out. Play “West Side Rag Jeopardy: 2019 Edition,” taken from some of the top stories of the past year. Remember to put your answers in the form of a question — and to subscribe to the WSR newsletter, if you haven’t already. If you have, forward this to a friend (or six.) Happy holidays and here we go:

A hallucinogenic plant that can blow your mind and kill you if you eat it.


Commander of the 20th Precinct.


Television show that features the UWS in the 50s.


Most admired visitor(s) to Riverside Park.


Most unlikely thing to end up in a tree on the Upper West Side (or anywhere.)


Store that got the most clicks.


Singing legend who walked into West Side Market.


Goodbye sweet burger place that closed.


Saved by a campaign started on GoFundMe.


A beloved chain store? There were two.

Answer and Answer.

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    1. S says:

      What is Datura stramonium, a.k.a. Jimsonweed?

    2. UWS ZWM says:

      1. What is Jimson Weed?
      2. Who is Malin?
      3. What is Marvelous Mrs. Maisel?
      4. What are goats?
      5. What is a couch?
      6. ??
      7. Who is Mariah Carey?
      8. What is JG Melon?
      9. What is Westside Books?
      10. ??

      Ahh, I am stumped on #6,10

    3. CCL says:

      Thanks West Side Rag for a great year of local reporting and stories. Our go-to source for what’s happening in the ‘hood.

    4. Steve in Manhattan says:

      4.5 – Duane Reade threw me. Miss the store on Broadway near 76th – that was the one I used.

    5. EL says:

      Excuuuuse me! Shouldn’t the answer to beloved chain store be Westside Market?

    6. Vel Hillmer says:

      Would #10 be Gracious Home and Gracious Home Too?