Video: Mariah Carey Gets Stranded On UWS After Her Car Breaks Down; West Side Market Employee Professes Childhood Crush

A West Side Market employee with a childhood crush on Mariah Carey came face to face with the star this week, and he made the most of it.

Carey’s van broke down on the Upper West Side on Thursday as she was en route to Camp Mariah. but the megastar was no diva about it.

Carey appears to be on West 100th Street. She walked through the streets singing one of her new songs, “Obsessed,” and greeting people who were shocked to see her just walking around the neighborhood on a rainy day.

People yelled out how much they love her, and she marveled at the enormous piles of garbage on the streets — “not the prettiest things I’ve ever seen.” (Welcome to the Upper West Side!)

But the most dramatic moment came when she stopped into West Side Market on Broadway and 98th, apparently looking for someone with a car to help her out. One of the employees (we’d love to contact him if you know him!) told her how he really felt about her, in a video captured to her Twitter account.

The next minute was…pretty great. He did not have a car, but he offered a piggyback ride. “This is a surreal moment,” he said, before starting to sing her song, “Always Be My Baby.”

She cracked up.

“I used to watch you swinging on the video and I wouldn’t be able to eat,” he went on. “I would be like ‘I love her so much.’ And I’d be so depressed that I couldn’t have you.”


Mariah took it in stride. “But we’re here together now, and we’re making it through the rain.”

See the whole thing below.

Yes, it’s a bit awkward. BUT… frankly, this man is a hero. Because when he got his shot, he took it!

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ABSURDITY | 19 comments | permalink
    1. Scott Schaffer says:

      The WestSide Market employee’s name is Homer!

    2. Meg D says:

      That’s Homer! He’s the manager and he’s the best! Love this!

    3. ItsTheReal says:

      I’ve never been so happy for Homer.

    4. Sarah says:

      It looks like she’s on 98th St, not 100th.

    5. Abe Goteiner says:

      This is great. My parents owned a candy store between 98th and 99th on Broadway. She could have ended up in there! Doubt either one of them would have known who she was/is.

    6. Harriet says:

      That’s Homer , the nice manager at West Side Market.

    7. Harriet says:

      So sweet! That guy in Westside Market is so great! He is clearly someone in charge: when it’s really crowded at the end of the day, he’s the guy who tells you what register to go to when you’ve been standing in line and then you are next. He knows what it means to hustle.

      A real New York can-do guy! This city could not function without guys like him. Glad he got to meet Mariah!!!!!!

    8. Patty Forbes says:

      The manager’s name at Westside Market is Homer. Great guy!

    9. AC says:

      Someone dropped the ball! Imagine a pic of her wearing a Westside Supermarket Shirt!

    10. Marci says:

      So sweet!! Everyone at that West Side Market is so great, and I’m so happy for Homer, getting his chance to meet Mariah!

    11. ScooterStan says:

      Re: “….she marveled at the enormous piles of garbage on the streets — “not the prettiest things I’ve ever seen.”

      Typical reaction of an out-of-town type.

      Ma’am, the “piles of garbage” are NOT loose piles! They are all neatly-bagged by the apartment building’s staff and are then set out awaiting pick-up by a Department of Sanitation truck on its regular route, probably the next day, judging by the cars still parked at the curb.

      Real NYers know this and accept it as part of our wonderful city.

      Ummm…how does L.A. handle its refuse?

    12. iz says:

      Homer is the BEST. Truly one the most most engaged and helpful people I have ever encountered in any store!

    13. Mark P says:

      Westside Market at 77th is sorely missed, great peeps worked there too.

    14. How cool Ms.Carey strolling through the upper west side neighborhood. SOOOOOO SOOREAL!!!! 🙂

    15. LB says:

      it’s homer! and he’s the BEST! She should be so lucky! :))

    16. L P says:

      “always be my baby” was filmed at camp mariah

    17. Marni says:

      Of course she could have googled “garage” or “gas station” or called AAA, but it woukdnt have been as fun.