Morning Bulletin: Shooting Vigil, Tallest Building Fight Continues, The Blackout’s Real Cause, a Synagogue ‘Shidduch’

Photo in Central Park’s North Woods by David Brotsky, @davetrek.

August 5, 2019 Weather: Mostly sunny, with a high of 80 degrees.

Lots of free Lincoln Center Out of Doors events and many other local events are on our calendar.

Local Council Member Mark Levine will hold a vigil and call to action tonight for the El Paso and Dayton shooting victims at Bennett Park-Fort Washington Avenue between West 183rd Street & West 185th Street.

Larry Levi, UWS community member and founder of Appletree Market on 120th and Amsterdam, died on Sunday.

Opponents of a new apartment tower at 200 Amsterdam Avenue at 69th Street have filed another lawsuit against it in State Supreme Court, hoping the court will overturn the Board of Standards and Appeals’ ruling in favor of the project. In the meantime, construction continues apace, and sales are expected to launch in the fall. “In the event the challenge fails, MAS has yet to determine its next steps, but advocates with the CFESD say they will consider bringing their fight to higher courts.” When complete 200 Amsterdam would be the neighborhood’s tallest building.

Con Edison traced the blackout last month to faulty wiring put in place 11 years ago, and says it’s taken care of the problem. “ConEd said in a statement that it reviewed 15 years of operating data at the 65th Street substation where the blackout began, fixed the faulty wiring and has taken other equipment out of service to conduct diagnostic testing.”

Two synagogue congregations have begun praying together — a “shidduch” of sorts. “And if the forthcoming ‘joint operations’ that are to begin with a combined worship service on the last Shabbat of October are a success, the memberships of Congregation Shaare Zedek, one of the borough’s oldest synagogues, and of Kehilat Hadar, an 18-year-old independent minyan, will vote in two years on whether to make the relationship official.”

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    1. Bill Ditt says:

      As said, “The Devil makes Work for Idle Minds…OOPSY!…Idle Hands” !

      Don’t these NIMBY cranks have anything better to do?

      The building is almost topped-out! It is a REALITY…at least it is to those who are still in-touch with reality.

      AND the building is handsome…sleek contemporary look, large windows, classy. Like equally sleek 200 West End, it adds to the eclectic mix of architecture that makes Manhattan so visually fascinating.

      AND, to those so outraged by the alleged “gerrymandering” of the building parcels:
      Spend your time fighting Republican gerrymandering of Election Districts all across the U.S. to suppress the Democratic vote.

    2. BJK says:

      At a certain point, frivolous litigation becomes outright harassment. In the federal courts, I know such frivolous suits are sanctionable—and the lawyers filing them can be sanctioned. Time to start considering taking legal action against these groups that are harassing 200 Amsterdam. [My only interest in the building is that I live across the street and want the construction finished asap.]

    3. Adam says:

      On the black out story: Faulty wiring? What does that mean? Wrong gauge, wrong insulation, wrong conducting material, wrong circuitry, what? Please give us specifics. Thanks.

    4. JeffS of West 90th Street says:

      A beautiful park image by David Brotsky. The rich color values and a poetic road bring a summer version of Robert Frost’s frosty image to mind.