UWS Mysteries: How Did This Couch End Up In This Tree?

Somehow a couch has become lodged some 20-25 feet up in the branches of a tree on West 95th Street near Amsterdam Avenue. Ed Park tells us the furniture has been up there for three days, with no obvious explanation.

If you happen to have an idea of what happened, let us know in the comments!

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    1. Lois says:

      You are the best, West Sider!

    2. Spence says:

      Someone was trying to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the Wizard of Oz but only the couch fell from the sky? No?

    3. Miriam says:

      No idea but isn’t that a danger to pedestrians???

    4. Bruce E. Bernstein says:

      A very large bird is building a nest.

    5. Kat French says:

      Someone “threw out” a couch… literally! I’d check to see who on the upper floors of this building had a new couch delivered three days ago.

    6. Mary says:

      Wow, that’s a real hazard. Especially with the high winds that we’ve been having over the past week.

    7. Upperwestsidewally says:

      No Wizard of Oz, no Big Bird, you can’t throw a couch that far out the window, no dangers to pedestrians – it’s above a stoop shed.
      ‘Practical’ joke by some local lads, if you ask me.

    8. Big Earl says:

      Some say it’s just a couch in a tree, others look at it as a ready to move in penthouse apartment.

    9. joe says:

      could be the start of a treehouse.

    10. Karindnyc says:

      Someone is building a furnished treehouse perhaps?

    11. Lady Di says:

      Hmmm…maybe someone just saw “The Hangover” for the first time….

    12. Rob G. says:

      Maybe they’re building a treehouse around it. Gotta start somewhere!

    13. Street Leopard says:

      Obviously psychopathic person(s) with access to upper flooors

    14. RobRoy says:


    15. Cyrus says:

      The kitchen sink is just out of view…

    16. Steve Sayer Schwartz says:

      It’s crazy, but every once in a while in NYC, someone, rather than carry something out, they will throw it out the window. That is my guess.

    17. Tony Noogort says:

      I think it blew off a patio in the last storm

    18. UWSmom says:

      Inspired by the shelters down the block, where all kinds of stuff is tossed out windows?

      • Bruce E. Bernstein says:

        I live on the block with the “shelters” — actually one shelter building, and one supportive housing for veterans building. i have walked past these buildings thousands of times. i have never, ever seen anything tossed out of any windows.

        The Harlem United / Bailey House Veterans Housing is extremely well run and “throwing things out of windows” would be immediately noticed, and not put up with. But this is not something the residents would do.

        Freedom House, the shelter, has security guards in front. they would notice.

        I think there was a case many years ago reported in the WSR of an air conditioner falling, or something. But to make it seem that this is a common occurrence is to spread defamatory myths.

        • True stuff says:

          We live across from two projects and the residents throw stuff out the window all the time! Nobody does a darn thing.

    19. on the block says:

      Been up there since last weekend. Appears to have blown off from a terrace over the weekend in the high winds but is lodged in there. The city knows it’s there but hasn’t removed it yet.

    20. Anonymous says:

      Bet that couch will go for $2,000 a month. Way to keep people in the city!

    21. Sharon says:

      Perhaps bed bugs transported it

    22. K8 says:

      It’s an art installation

    23. Helen says:

      This situation is couched in mystery.

    24. memy mee says:

      Air BnB?

    25. Stefany Benson says:

      Someone pushed it out a window.

    26. Mary says:

      It’s actually an extremely rare endangered acer sapendacea sofa tree. Where only once in a millennium will it produce a sofa!!! A rare find indeed!

    27. Allyson Taylor says:

      DEBlASIO solving the homeless problem..penthouse living!

      • Bill Mathews says:

        It’s way too big to pass through the widows of that building. But easily carried up to the roof via the emergency stairwell and thrown off by 2 reasonably fit men, who moved briskly to the edge and let go. That forward momentum caused the couch to land 15 feet away from the building, closer to the street and the tree, rather than drop straight down.

    28. Jeff says:

      Maybe just a flyer from Futonland?

    29. Prairie says:

      It is the latest in Air BnB offerings?

    30. Jane says:

      Those bedbugs can drive you nuts.

    31. JP says:

      It is obvious that someone threw it from either out of a window, if it is able to fit out of those windows, or from the roof. The couch is not going to go straight down because it is not 100% solid so the wind assisted in moving it in the direction above the tree. The tree and those thick branches are obviously strong and sturdy enough to with hold the impact and hold the couch in it’s place. I guarantee that’s what happened. You may even find a few broken limbs at the base of the tree that the couch had to pass before reaching the spot where it is secure right now.

    32. UWSER says:

      Someone tossed it out the window and it landed in the tree.

    33. Emily Kitay says:

      Sofa, another unsolved mystery. But it chaired me up!

    34. Antony says:

      Maybe 🎅 santa was moving and dropped it.😁😁

    35. Joel says:

      UWS rental available, Spacious, lots of light, great views! Hurry, won’t last long! 🙂

    36. Aakash says:

      It blew off in the high wind last Monday, hit with a hard bang, almost flew into a group of kids walking down the street.

    37. Dave says:

      Somebody took “Honey, please throw out the couch!” quite literally.

    38. Mic says:

      Preparing for the next Super Moon?

    39. RobbieTheK says:

      Courtesy of the Sofa King

    40. Jonathan says:

      Sofa, so good!

    41. npk says:

      Glad everyone is making a joke out of this large piece of furniture stuck in a spindly tree. Sure it hovering over a bit of scaffolding bur when the wind really blows hard you should see it swinging. It could easily get blown into the street, fall on a car or worse, a pedestrian. It is dangerous. I reported it to 311 and that did nothing. On the one had it is laughable but more importantly it could cause real harm when the winds pick up. Maybe a call to the police precinct is in order.

    42. Sharon says:

      Out a window? Just a guess

    43. Rodger Lodger says:

      It’s the couch of damocles

    44. Pat says:

      Air BnB? New Yorker material. I am still guffowing!

    45. Jeff Kindley says:

      I think it’s just a flyer from Futonland across the street.

    46. 3DK says:

      Calm down everyone!
      If it is there for 3 days (from Friday), there’s definitely nothing to do with zombies.

    47. Miller Sherri says:

      Big Bird making a comfy nest!

    48. Marianne Ciccantelli says:

      It all started with the Honey-Do List. She threatened she’d get him off the couch one way or another. He dared her.

    49. Ben says:

      A bear carried it up to get away from the rats

    50. K. C. says:

      Come on now really you don’t know how a bunch of young adults could possibly put a couch up in a tree. A little hard work and determination, figure it out!

    51. JeffS says:

      There are large canals that wend their way through Amsterdam. They are so littered with throwaway furniture that serenely floats down with the currents that the city has levied fines starting with 140 Euros for even the tossing of a cigarette butt or, believe it or not, for urinating into them. If this couch came to be there through human, not divine, intervention, might the tosser of this sofa have been an original native of Old Amsterdam, bringing their habits to New Amsterdam?

    52. Couchy McTree says:

      A performance art installation? What next? The cow on the roof?

    53. PS says:

      Of course, it could have arrived in the tree via Photoshop…

    54. jpa says:

      UWS Studio apartment. Great views!

    55. Ian finkel says:

      At 420 west end ave we have had the structure up for years! Obviously it is cheaper for the landlord to pay a fine than have the work done. We have had numerous species of wild life on this scaffold as well as the sun light taken away. I am not surprised at this in the least.

    56. Dave O. says:

      Forget the couch. This is more important. I think Helen Rosenthal needs to switch from wire frame eye glasses to a new, more stylish plastic frame.

    57. Bernie says:

      What couch?

    58. ML says:

      That sofa can fall and strike a pedestrian or car. It can also harm the health of the tree and weaken the branches if it is heavy. That sofa needs to be removed by the city .

    59. Mark Moore says:

      Ask the construction workers next door, they’ll know.

    60. NormaDesperate says:

      “The rent is just $3450 per month and just look at that view!”

    61. Zanarkand says:

      I saw someone throw a Christmas tree out the window from the 5th floor of a building on West 87th between Amsterdam and Broadway last week…guessing this couch has the same fate.

    62. Michael says:

      I sure hope they chaise down the culprit who’s responsible for this precarious situation.

    63. Beth says:

      We only have a chair lodged in our tree. It blew off the roof in a huge wind storm in the early 90s. Maybe a major move???

    64. Steve LIndsey says:

      Kid Twist’s?

    65. Ruben says:

      Who said futons don’t grow in trees

    66. Chris B says:


      Only in NY…..
      Only in NY, people.

    67. Roxanne says:

      Big Bird finally made a nest!!