Gigi Cafe to be Reborn as Freshly Bagel

In the last couple of days, there’s been lots of activity inside Gigi Cafe, the beloved longtime store on Broadway and 71st Street that closed at the end of 2018.

On Monday morning, we got a tip from Kevin, one of our readers, who said that workers were hoisting a new sign on the store and that it will be a bagel cafe.

Hopefully, the opening will fill a void for the many West Siders who depended on Gigi’s for years. “I haven’t been the same since they closed!” wrote Joeanna Sayler, who sent in the photo below.

Thanks to Tipsy for the tip too.

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    1. Sam Steinfeld says:

      Any idea why GiGi ever closed. They were always busy…

    2. Ish Kabibble says:

      Gee, I certainly hope Joeanna Sayler will be okay!

    3. Deep says:

      It’s called “Freshly Bagel”, no further info available

    4. Jan says:

      Anybody listening to nutrition advise on PBS?
      Lord. Can we have something healthy Not flour

    5. V. says:

      Gigi was one of my favorite eating spots until (about three years ago) I bought two sandwiches, one turkey, one tuna fish, made with rancid oil. That was the end of it. Lets hope they will be more careful now.

    6. TOM H says:


    7. Steven says:

      From the inside layout, it looks pretty much the same as Gigi did, so it seems it will most likely be the same sort of place. I miss Gigi as well.

    8. Jared says:

      Found a jobs listing of Craigslist for the store.
      Looks like they might have fresh juices in addition to their bagels.

    9. Andrew says:

      Finally, somewhere to get bagels on the UWS.

    10. Katie says:

      This is exciting. I was always hoping for a bagel place in the area. Zucker’s is not good. Bagels are too doughy. Hope this one is good.

      • UWSHebrew says:

        check out Bo’s bagels in Harlem. Best bagels and bialys in Manhattan. great whitefish salad too.