Pupper West Side: Enzo Can’t Stand Kale

Pupper West Side is a new feature that includes interview with some of the Upper West Side’s finest canines.

By A. Campbell

Name: Enzo

Age: 3.5 years old

Breed: Beagle Terrier Mix

Profile/history: I was born in Puerto Rico and the living conditions there were tough. I was lucky enough to be rescued and brought to New York before being adopted from Animal Lighthouse Rescue by my dad.

Daily routine: Dad and I begin most days with an early morning walk in Central Park, followed by a protein-rich breakfast, and then it’s off to Camp Canine. Sometimes I’ll have dinner at Camp Canine or sometimes dine at home – depends on the day. I close out most days with a post-dinner play before settling in for lights out.

Loves: I’m very social. I enjoy meeting and playing with other dogs, and long walks in Central Park. Also, trips to Duane Reade are always fun since there are lots of products to sniff. Camp Canine is my daily hangout and I love spending time with my friends there.

Does not love: Not crazy about veggie- or kale-based dog treats, even though those are all the rage these days. Packages always say ‘cranberry and kale, healthy for dogs!’ Blech.

Favorite store/business on UWS: Unleashed by Petco on Columbus Avenue is a major draw – it’s almost impossible for me to walk by that store without stopping inside. Kiehl’s is also very pet-friendly and the ladies there seem to enjoy my company. Paper Source is nice for stopping in, browsing, and receiving the occasional treat. Oh, and of course we patronize lots of the local wine stores.

Favorite park spot: On the weekends especially, I like to meet friends near the Le Pain Quotidien near Sheep’s Meadow in Central Park.

Favorite treat: Can’t live without Stella and Chewy lamb or chicken treats.

Thoughts of the current MTA infrastructure crisis and chronic underfunding? Well, I’ve been on the subway a few times and I enjoy sniffing around it. So many interesting smells there! And I was very happy when the West 72nd Street station was redone. However, I’d like to see better quality trains with more dog accommodations. There are simply no good places for dogs to sit on trains, especially big dogs. Also, there are no water fountains in the subway stations, and both people and dogs get very thirsty. That’s a basic necessity for everyone. Finally, I’d say ‘don’t raise the fares!’

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    1. JillJ says:

      Love this idea! Would also be great to see a series on dogs we can adopt from shelters.

    2. Jerome36 says:

      Definitely need to have stories about animals who are liking for homes .

    3. Jerome36 says:

      Definitely need to have stories about animals who are liking for homes . That would be even better.

    4. Amy says:

      This is great.

    5. shewrites says:

      So Flipping cute. You should also do articles on dogs awaiting adoption. I’m about to pull the trigger.

      • Harry Leff says:

        That’s great to hear you are adopting. It’s a great experience! Animal Lighthouse Rescue has several available dogs and more coming in from Puerto Rico soon for anyone else who is looking – alrcares.com.



    7. Ivan says:

      Finally the WS Rag gives the people what they want!

    8. Ethan says:

      Good stuff, Enzo! Ruff!

    9. heather overley says:

      I love this! Please keep it up!

    10. Sue says:

      Too cute!! Very creative and a great way for pup-famed to find support – fantastic work!!

    11. lyla b ward says:

      Love this feature, and I don’t even have a dog!

    12. YoungSally says:

      Enzo…you really need to try it again…but skip celery…Love Romeo and Elmo