The Upper East Side Gets a Hip Hop Anthem, and We Get…Kate McKinnon and Her Cat

Leslie Jones blessed the Upper East Side with a new anthem over the weekend: “The U.E.S.”

“Y’all say it’s boring. Y’all say it’s homogeneous. But y’all don’t know it like I do. This is the Upper East Side, bitches!”

Jones celebrates all the finest moments on the Upper East Side, like when “white men in khakis line up at Fairway.” She shows all the finest institutions on the UES: the Met, the Q train, an overpriced bakery.

And then she calls Kate McKinnon on the UWS to come have fun. But McKinnon would rather “stay home with my cat.”

Photo montage by Kate Koza.

Which feels about right.

Okay, so who’s going to write the UWS anthem?

Watch the whole video below.

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    1. jd says:

      You can keep the UES. I’d rather be like Kate Mckinnon. I heard they finally got another subway line. Don’t get me started on the crosstown buses.

    2. UWSer says:

      I’d rather stay home with my (non-existent) cat too over going to the Upper East Side.

    3. Kate says:

      we don’t need an anthem about the UWS. We know we are better, we have Riverside Park, Central Park, Zabar’s and Columbia. Plus we have the original Fairway and Citarella. They have women in $5,000 yoga outfits and maids who get stuck in private elevators for the weekend.

      Just sayin’, the West Side is the Best Side. The East Side is the Least Side.

    4. Mark P says:

      I’ve always said the best way to watch SNL is to let others watch it and tell you the best parts. This is funny and cute, thanks for letting me know about it!

    5. UWSHebrew says:

      Leslie Jones is the most unfunny “comic” I have ever seen. Screaming with your eyes bulging out does not equal humor. I miss Eddie Murphy.

    6. Lady Loo says:

      I got that patagonia gear from my head to my feet
      With an uppababy stroller i run these streets
      My crew is keto, vegetarian and gluten free
      Is there dairy in that? Then it’s not for me

    7. S. Hayes says:

      UWS is a special place for those who illuminate but don’t discriminate, because we teach diversity – shout out Columbia University and museums where it ain’t a mystery just spend the night in Teddy’s Natural History…and to you Park Avenue renters who get culture on 92nd Street, come on by Lincoln Center, to the Philharmonic, Ballet and Opera… SWEET! Do you have a concert hall or use an Armory to our Carnegie? If it’s play you want we’ve still got the Vivian Beaumont.
      Sure you’ve got Paul, but we had John. Even Yoko stayed on and on and on. You’ve got corporate raiders and junk stock traders and we’ve got authors, actors, and activists but few haters. You can have your Q, we’ll keep A & C and while we’re at it the 1, 2 and 3! You have the embassies but we have the people who hang at The Beacon, Zabar’s, Lavain, and Columbus Circle, Broadway, Columbus and Central Park West…compare that to 1st, 2nd and 3rd, now who’s best? We both have brownstones, but you lost the Whitney, Gwenyth went to Spence but MacEnroe to Trinity, the UWS could drop more names from here to infinity. The Majestic, Dakota, and San Remo will always reside with angels in the architecture on the Upper West Side!

    8. Ekwoman says:

      I’m pretty sure Kate live on the UES side, too. I don’t live in NYC, so I’m not going to weigh in otherwise…but I saw Kate McKinnon and cat and clicked.

      • Morgan says:

        Yeah, Kate lives on the UES and that’s not even her cat. I think Leslie lives further north too – east Harlem? It’s all just played for laughs, anyway.

    9. Seth says:

      Isn’t The Met technically on the UWS since it is west of 5th Ave? That being said Central Park is also completely in our ‘hood.

    10. Max says:

      I think the representation of the UWS side is spot on, haha. No complaints here!

    11. Bill Raudenbush says:

      The UWS doesn’t need to flex, West Side=best side

    12. Knowitall says:

      Here’s a bit of social history to throw into the mix. Why does the UWS tend to be more Jewish and the UES more goyish? It’s because the UWS is served by a subway line to the Garment District, where many Jews worked, whereas the UES has a subway line that goes to Wall street, where many goyim worked. Those work and residential patterns are no longer as strong as they once were, but that’s the history.

    13. George says:

      It’s too bad Orwasher’s got such rough treatment in this — it’s certainly not overpriced for a NYC bakery, and I can both appreciate the original UES location and the bigger, newer one we have here on the UWS.

    14. 92nd Street says:

      They are both great, quiet, family neighborhoods filled with Celebs and Wealthy people.

      If thee is any difference, I’d say the UWS is a bit more generic and the UES is a bit quieter.

      The UWS has more diversity and the UES has more Museums.

      The UWS has more Subway lines and the UES better shopping

      The difference between any Manhattan neighborhood?

      Very little for a savvy New Yorker.