Tree-Couch Becomes Citywide Celebrity Just Before It Is Removed Forever

Photos by Ed Park.

The story of the wicker couch that ended up lodged in a tree, first reported in West Side Rag, ended up on the evening news on NBC, ABC and CBS, along with 1010 WINS radio.

The couch on 95th Street and Amsterdam Avenue was declared an honorary Kardashian, and nominated for best supporting actor.

But now its 15 minutes of fame is over, as the couch has been hoisted out of the tree — apparently on orders of the New York City Parks Department.

Ed Park, who told us about the couch in the first place, gets the last word.

“After seeing four different news trucks and various rubberneckers on the street yesterday, I knew ‘couch fever’ couldn’t last. Sure enough, this morning around 8, I walked outside and saw that the couch was no more. For safety reasons, I’m glad it’s down—but part of me will miss this bit of random weirdness.”

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    1. Sharin says:

      Now. How did it get there? Anyone know. Haven’t seen explanation

    2. Richard Chused says:

      My wife’s clever quip about this story was: “Empty nester.”

    3. Larry K says:

      Actually the tree should get best supporting award.

    4. Allison says:

      In keeping with the couch theme…Now that this one has been removed; any chance you can help get rid of the old couches stacked up outside of the Amsterdam Ale House? (76th & Broadway)

    5. Bill Raudenbush says:

      Sharknado 7: Récamier Culpa

    6. Hmmmm says:

      Is it possible that the couch has sat on the curb unnoticed for decades and the tree has grown beneath it? Just asking.

    7. susan says:

      one less psychoanalyst on the upper west side!

    8. Big Earl says:

      Today on 104.3 for the 3 at 3, they played 3 songs that each mentioned something that has been in the news. The answer was couch for the couch in the tree. It’s a full-blown celebrity.

    9. Cosmo Kramer says:

      Probably related to the fur coat from the Seinfeld episode…

    10. Dan says:

      It was Bobs furniture next day delivery gone wrong!