Woman Suffering from Schizophrenia Declared Missing from Amsterdam and 74th Street

An Upper West Sider suffering from schizophrenia was declared missing early Sunday morning. Here is the release from police. Please be on the lookout.

A Silver Alert has been issued for Vivian Fones, a 75-year-old white female from the area of Amsterdam Avenue and West 74th Street in Manhattan.

The missing has schizophrenia and may be in need of medical attention.

Description: 5’10” tall, 130lbs, with white hair and brown eyes. Wearing a white head wrap, gold framed glasses, a beige coat and a white shirt.

Last Seen: Amsterdam Avenue and West 74th Street in Manhattan at approximately 12:00 PM on 01-26-2019.

If you see the missing person, please call 9-1-1.

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    1. LesleyB says:

      I believe she was behind me in the express line at Fairway yesterday (Sunday) at around 5pm. She was acting a bit strangely – cut in line ahead of me and about 10 others and when I questioned her politely about it, she closed her eyes and went completely unresponsive and motionless till I went around her. She appeared properly dressed for the cold and other than that strange behaviour, gave no cause for alarm. I wish I had seen this article before then. I just figured her to be a quirky NYer.

    2. JJ says:

      I hope you have now contacted the police. Even though it’s after the fact, any information as to where she was may be helpful.

    3. Elisabeth Anderson says:

      She looks familiar. I used to live on W. 74th Street. Hope she is found successfully.