Goodbye Sweet Burger! JG Melon Set to Close After Sunday Night

JG Melon, the burger joint at 480 Amsterdam Avenue (83rd Street) will close after Sunday night, a company source and a customer both confirmed.

The source did not give an explanation, but said the company will be opening a new restaurant in the space soon.

JG Melon had just opened this location in 2017, expanding from its original famous Upper East Side burger joint.

The East side location was just cited by Michelin as a “Bib Gourmand” choice, the honor given to less-expensive restaurants that stand out to reviewers.

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Burger photo by Alissa Salvatore.

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    1. UWSer says:

      There was over an hour wait at 7pm Friday nite!

      • Cato says:

        — “There was over an hour wait at 7pm Friday nite!”

        To get in, or to get out??

      • LKLA says:

        How many people for breakfast, lunch or dinner the other days?! In most cases the answer is none.

        Not sure when folks will realize that in order to pay rent and pay decent wages and run a healthy business that you can’t just be busy Friday and Saturday night.

        You need a restaurant that does decent business just about every day at just about every meal.

    2. brian says:

      why can’t we have anything nice!!!

    3. MRC says:

      What!!! No!!! 🙁 say it isn’t so!

    4. Fahlope Ian Toobs says:

      Perhaps a better Burger option will open up in the neighborhood like a Wendy’s!

    5. West88 says:

      Good riddance! It wasn’t anything special. It felt too old school. You want a burger? Try HiLife, Fred’s, E’s Bar, or the many place in an earshot of the joint.

      You know what had a better burger? Joe’s the bar JG replaced and last for much longer. Can they come back please? Also the bar in JG was tiny and had no one but retired white men. No thank you!

      Also probably didn’t help that they were under scaffolding for much of their time.

      • Whiskey Foxtrot Tango says:

        “Also the bar in JG was tiny and had no one but retired white men.”

        Are you too fancy for a retired white man to pour you a drink? Seriously.

      • Josh Weissman says:

        agreed Joe’s was a great spot!! Not going to miss this place; honestly just makes it more likely that i cross the park to go to the real JG.

      • Jay says:

        Joe’s really was better!

    6. Jack Davis says:

      UWS location was never as good as the original: different menu, different burgers, higher prices.

    7. Ray carrol says:

      Theres better burgers in the UWS like nobody told me.

    8. Mack says:


    9. Glen says:

      Went once. Was underwhelmed by the size of the burger; was overwhelmed by the size of the bill. Will not be missed. Nothing has ever taken root in that location since the “Racoon Lodge” closed back in the day.

    10. Trygar says:

      They were getting by on their reputation from other locations. After my wife and I were halfway in on their burger we were so underwhelmed that we were making plans to go back to Five Napkin one street over. This and the Jin Ramen place next to it need to go.

    11. SH says:

      What!?! Literally went 2 (sometimes 3) times per week for the last few years, and they were never empty. Good, casual, unpretentious inexpensive everyday food. There is nothing like it in the UWS; Freds etc serve gross bar food which not comparable. Lovely service. Will be sorely missed!

    12. Roger says:

      So disappointed. I loved the cheeseburger, cottage fries and caesar salad. Will really miss this place.

    13. Bill T says:

      Awful and expensive burgers. No loss

    14. CCL says:

      Hmm. Was there scaffolding marring the ambience?

      • George says:

        Scaffolding was an issue for me. I assumed it would only be up for a couple of months and figured I’d wait for it to come down to go back (I like going on sunny weekend afternoons, so the scaffolding made it feel a bit too dark). Then I quickly realized the entire summer went by and I never went to JG in part because of the scaffolding.

        But honestly, JG Melon wasn’t one of my favorite spots in the neighborhood, and as far as Danny Abrams restaurants go, I prefer The Mermaid Inn and Sirenetta anyway. So I’m more excited to see what new restaurant they’ll be bringing to the space.

    15. Leon says:

      I’m guessing they did not do much delivery business as that is the only way for these types of places to actually make money – dine-in business is largely break even at best.

    16. Fun on the West Side says:

      What a disappointment! JG Melon’s on the UWS is one of our go-to places. Despite the negative commentary here I prefer the UWS to the UES location.

    17. Ted Felix says:

      Unfortunately this location did not live up to expectations. Upper westsiders are picky. We have lots of choices.

    18. ChrisK says:

      Bummer! I loved the burgers. Way better than anything close by in my opinion.

    19. Eln says:

      This JG Melons was a big disappointment. My friend and I ordered a burger and it was so small we were still hungry at the end of the meal. It wasn’t cheap either. Never went back.

    20. kathy hammell says:

      I liked the place on the East Side but found the West Side location to be very uneven. My last trip there the burger was sub-par as was the service.

    21. Adam says:

      New Amsterdam Burger Bar on 93rd & Columbus just opened a couple of months ago and it is a great local spot.

      • Buddy Revell says:

        RE: New Amsterdam

        Can you even get a cheeseburger at a kosher joint? Automatically disqualifies it….

      • George says:

        The prices at New Amsterdam Burger Bar are wild. $21 for a standard burger — without even a side of fries — is unreasonable for anyone who isn’t specifically looking for a Kosher establishment. And they only do a medium-well cook on it.

        I feel like Brad’s Burgers on Columbus (next to Good Enough to Eat) is a great new alternative. And with two new UWS locations of Bareburger opening, Five Napkin on Broadway, and Hi-Life, Fred’s, and a wealth of pubs on Amsterdam, I feel like there are plenty of solid options remaining.

        • Brad Gross says:

          Was ok, but half the fun at the UES location is the ambiance, which is almost impossible to replicate.

    22. This makes me really sad. We live one block over on 84th street. The staff was so friendly, and went out of their way to accommodate the fact that I use a cane. My Husband and I always support local, and are regulars at Fred’s (the owner David and his team makes every experience there awesome). However, for a lower price quick meal nothing in the neighborhood beat JG’s.

    23. BillyNYC says:

      Everybody complaining of how much the food cost on UWS… does anyone know how to cook or have a kitchen in their beautiful upper West side $3000 plus apartment?

    24. Burgerboy says:

      We need a Fuddruckers

    25. Bummed says:

      very sad to hear this. Was perfect for quick bite, with or with out kids. Found their burgers better than the UES location. Really a bummer.

    26. Lis AndersonI says:

      I enjoyed many delightful meals at the previous UWS JG Melon, and hoped to visit this one. Sad, as it looks nice, from this picture.

    27. George says:

      By the way, whatever happened to Modern Bread & Bagel taking over the neighboring Spring space on Columbus and 83rd? It looks like Spring is rolling out a fall menu soon, so it seems like they’ll at least be sticking around for a bit.