Openings & Closings: Tri Dim West, Hands On

Tri Dim West is now open at 467 Columbus Avenue, between 82nd and 83rd Streets. The Chinese spot is a sister restaurant of Tri Dim Shanghai on the Upper East Side. It replaces Canteen 82 in the spot. The owners describe the restaurant on its Yelp page: “Tri Dim West carries a variety of traditional Chinese dishes from Dim Sum to Jelly fish salad, as well as our famous Peking Duck, there’s something for everyone… In addition to Shanghainese dishes, our menu also includes dim sum and Szechuan cuisine.” An employee said the menu is the same as the one on the east side.

Hands On! A Musical Experience, a kids’ music school at 529 Columbus between 85th and 86th closed this month after 20 years. “We want to thank the many thousands of families that have supported us throughout the years,” the owners wrote to parents. “Our mission – to introduce music into your children’s lives as a foundation for their own music making and to increase their deep enjoyment of the art – has taken root. We wish you a lifetime of joyous musical experiences!”

The store will be selling instruments. “We will be selling full sized and children’s instruments at our studio this Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, June 24, 25, and 26. Cash only… Sale includes all children sized instruments as well as a piano, violins, violas, cellos, double basses, flutes, and more. Office supplies including HON file cabinets are also available.”

“We enjoyed taking our daughter there when she was around 1.5-2.5,” wrote Christine. “Besides music, they did a nice job exposing the kids to many instruments and also incorporating themes (like geography or planets).”

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    1. Danny Ackerman says:

      We’re so sad to see Hands On closing. Our 1 year old loved it. It was such a great space with great teachers. Very big loss to our community.

    2. Kathy says:

      Another neighborhood treasure lost. Do we know if it was a lease issue? Hate to see our City diminished this way.

    3. I love good Chinese food! says:

      Love Tri Dim on the eastside! So glad they are opening up in my neighborhood.

      Hands On was a special place! Sad to see it go.

    4. George Mokhiber says:

      Hands On marks the fourth unique retail location to close on that side of 85th/86th recently, right? I know the corner restaurant space has already been leased by what will be a new restaurant (French, I think). But I’m curious what the landlord is expecting to get from the other units.

    5. Jay Ellar says:

      Wow.. I have so many good memories in this place from the time, ten years ago, when I used to bring my kid for music classes. Seeing him enjoying his classes so much made me feel like nothing else mattered in the world for those 45 minutes. This place will me truly missed!

    6. Rachel says:

      All three of my children began their musical education at hands-on. It was a magical place where I have made many friends and reveled in my children’s budding love of music. This loss is deeply felt.

    7. UWS Resident says:

      So sorry to hear Hands on Music has closed! Our son absolutely loved it, and I always enjoyed bringing him to the classes. It was a wonderful and unique program for children, second to none in our experience.

      What happened?? Another unaffordable lease issue? How many empty UWS storefronts are there now?

      Such a shame to see yet another unique neighborhood treasure driven away.

    8. Andrea says:

      Tri Dim West. Excellent! Just what we needed. Just had a delivered dinner…top quality ingredients, perfectly prepared – even great phone attitude.

    9. Zanarkand says:

      Unrelated but does anyone know what’s going with 2nd north half of West 88th street on the westside of the street? Everything over the course of the last year has closed and it’s all vacant. It’s all under one building. Used to be a Papa John’s, Caribbean restaurant, laundry mat and maybe one other place. It’s pretty weird for everything in one building to close unless the landlord hiked up rents to kick them out in favor of bigger tenants but it has been vacant for sometime. There was some sidewalk work done recently but that’s it.

      • George says:

        The former Caribbean restaurant space will be a new location of Amsterdam Ale House. And the Subway/Papa John’s and 99 Cent spaces will be combined for a large Slovenian restaurant. The building was bought by developers who seemed determined to bring some restaurant life (and probably bigger rents)to the area.

      • wombatnyc says:

        Amsterdam Ale House

    10. Bob Lamm says:

      Just had a dim sum lunch at the new Tri Dim on Columbus. I thought the food was quite good.

    11. Allison says:

      Chico’s on 83 and Broadway has signs up saying they’re closing too. Hate seeing more empty storefronts

    12. DD says:

      So happy to have Tri Dim in the hood! I’m one of probably quite a few who have commented
      to their management that UWS needs a great Shanghainese resto.