Goodbye Goats (For Now); We Hardly Knew Ewe!

Photo via Riverside Park Conservancy. Also, we know that a ewe is a sheep but it was much too good of a pun to pass up.

The goats of Riverside Park have chomped through expectations, mowing down the weeds on a hill between 119th and 125th Streets since they arrived on May 21. So they’ve been sent home to Rhinebeck for a month or so.

The goats became mini-celebrities since their arrival, and people tell us they like to drop by just to watch what the animals are up to. The Riverside Park Conservancy says they expect some goats to return in the middle of next month, so try not to get too emotional. It’s not so baaaaaaaaaaad.

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    1. howard says:

      I went looking for them a few times…and ‘no show’. Were they ever there?…or just another ‘fake ewes’

    2. Nancy Wight says:

      Oh, dear, I missed them, too. A friend and I went to see them, but we were talking and didn’t see a thing. Evidently, one was close by, but we were oblivious. Alas!

      Nanny Goat

      • Steph says:

        We found that they all clustered in one place. When we were there they were all at the extreme north end. We had almost turned around and given up!

    3. Gretchen says:

      Aww, we’re gonna miss those adorable guest workers, but glad they had a good nosh!

    4. gold says:

      Miss Cheech and Chong, especially! Were some of the earlier goats to leave the park.

    5. Robin Rice says:

      I’ve gone up to see the goats five times – and always saw three or four. Once two with long horns put on quite a show, leaping and play-fighting. I’m so sorry they won’t be there all summer. It was the best incentive to take a hike after work!

    6. Marion says:

      I can’t believe there was no warning and no signage about this. I was going every day. I LOVED the goats. Then they were just… gone.

    7. PaulCons says:

      Anyone remember the turkey we had in the park several years back? Used to hang out just south of the tennis courts. I remember that it not only survived, but weathered a winter! Eventually it disappeared BUT I read a story about a wild turkey being “nabbed” by PDNY around 125th & Broadway… and that it got sent to some upstate farm to live out the rest of it’s days.

    8. Marci says:

      Anytime we went, we often saw 8-10 together at around 121st Street, near the fencing where the pedestrian walkway was. They seemed very social, wanting to be near where all the people were.

    9. Stefanie Fijnvandraat says:

      I looked forward to seeing them just about daily. It made my daily walk all the more worth it. Meeting other people and observing how amazed tots and dogs were was such fun. But this is NYC, something else is just around the corner.