Morning Bulletin: James Baldwin Landmark, Mini-Mozarts, 7-Eleven in a Hurry

Photo by Joeanna Saylor outside the Hotel Beacon.

June 24, 2019 Weather: Sunny, with a high of 84 degrees.

Concerts, readings and many other local events are on our calendar.

There’s a city primary election on Tuesday, but it doesn’t appear there’s a single race on the UWS — not even for a judge. Let us know if we’re mistaken!

James Baldwin’s former home
at 137 West 71st Street was designated as a New York landmark, one of six sites in the city recognized for their contributions to LGBTQ culture and history.

Mozart for Munchkins is at Goddard Riverside. “Two classically trained musicians who have played around the world are now bringing their music to an unlikely audience — babies and toddlers. We joined Mozart for Munchkins at the Goddard Riverside’s Bernie Wohl Center. The program was started by Sara Sherman and Hilary Castle, two classically trained musicians who decided to make a career change after becoming moms.”

7-Eleven will now deliver you a Slurpee in Sheep Meadow.

Someone caught footage of the aftermath of a nasty crash on CPW on June 15:

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    1. JasonVN says:

      It seems to be the year to celebrate Mr. Baldwin.

      WSR readers may be interested to note that this year the nation’s longest-running artist Colony, the MacDowell Colony, named their new library addition after him — it’s inspiring (it appears) they found it more important to honor this prominent Fellow than to search for donors with the naming opportunity.

      This, after the 2016 documentary film _I Am Not Your Negro_, which is inspiring to see and think more about.

    2. Paul Laffy says:

      According to Music For Munchkins website, there are no performances currently on the UWS.