Local Astronomers Prepare for Super Blood Moon Eclipse Sunday Night; Where to Watch

An eclipse is coming on Sunday night, and is expected to turn the moon into a super blood moon for one night only. Astronomers will be gathering in one of the neighborhood’s most prominent open spaces — the Lincoln Center Plaza at 64th — to watch and guide others in viewing the lunar eclipse through telescopes.

“The Amateur Astronomers Association of New York (AAA) will hold a special Total Lunar Eclipse observing event at Lincoln Center Plaza on 20–21 January 2019. AAA observers with telescopes will arrive around 9:00 PM but the visible eclipse starts about 10:35 PM.”

Learn more about the event here.

Check it out now, or else you’ll have to wait a while till the next one.

“Skywatchers in North America will get a celestial treat late Sunday (Jan. 20) and early Monday (Jan. 21), when the moon goes into eclipse and turns blood red. While the weather will be very cold for many in North America, astronomers say to bundle up and check out the sight now. That’s because the next total eclipse won’t happen until 2021, and North Americans will have to wait until 2022 for a blood moon to be visible from their location.”

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    1. Glitter says:

      I’ll be in bed

    2. Cindy says:

      I’ve been in and out this past hour. Crystal clear view from outside Philadelphia.