Openings & Closings: Pain d’Epices, Amanda Gagnon Dog Training, Outlette, Successful Vision

Pain d’Epices has closed its doors at 104 West 70th Street. The bakery replaced Soutine, which had been around for 30 years, in 2013. It is expected to be replaced by an “organic housemade gluten free bakery,” according to a sign in the window. “I like gluten and I liked Pain d’Epices, and in the way of poignant moments, when I walked up to look in the window, I could still smell freshly baked bread,” wrote Mitchell. Thanks to Jenna and Mitchell for the tips.

Amanda Gagnon Dog Training just opened their brand new facility at 76 W 85th street (just off of Columbus). “For nearly ten years, Upper West Siders have valued the team at Amanda Gagnon Dog Training for their expertise in puppy rearing, and adult dog behavior modification. The trainers at AGDT have cared for many local dogs and humans through their local in-home private training, group classes, and a special outdoor playgroup. The store on 85th street will be the first space that is entirely their own.”

Jewelry store Outlette has opened at 220 Columbus Avenue at 70th Street, moving from its spot up the block. Thanks to Lisa and owner Scott Bienstock.

Successful Vision, an eyeglass store with optometrists at 252 West 79th Street, has closed and moved to 106 Fifth Ave in Pelham. “It has been a pleasure to serve the UWS and we will miss it dearly. All of our staff including our doctors are making the move with us. Successful Vision is intact. Just moving to a new location.”

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    1. Elke says:

      Oh dear, I really liked the Bakery, I live across the street and could see the same people going in every day, the same dogs waiting for the owner outside. They used to sell their bakery stuff also in the muffins cafe around the corner. Their baked good were really, really good. Sigh. I hope the new bakery is of equal quality and warmth.

    2. BillyNYC says:

      gluten free Is BS… i never eat “gluten free” Really bad for you‼️

      • JW says:

        You are being completely insensitive. There are some people who have no choice but to eat gluten free due to a medical condition called celiac disease. I love bread and regular baked goods, but I am still really happy to see this bakery opening for those who don’t have the option to eat regular baked goods.

      • Doctor Doctor!! says:

        Re: “gluten free Is BS… i never eat “gluten free” Really bad for you‼️”

        To clarify: For people with medically-diagnosed CELIAC DISEASE (look-it-up) Gluten-Free is an absolute necessity. For the rest-of-us it is just the latest scam perpetrated by Big Food to make more of a profit.

        It’s the latest in a long parade of fads preying on the well-intended uninformed. Remember “Low-Carb”, “Fat-Free”, “All-Natural”, plus “Free-Range Chicken” (rounded-up by The Chicken Ranger?) and Line-Caught Tuna (Okay, Tina Tuna; here’s a line that should catch you: “What’s a nice tuna like you doing in an ocean like this?”.

      • Evbo says:

        It’s not BS if you can’t eat gluten. And no one’s forcing you to buy there.

    3. Barbara Fight says:

      Amanda Gagnon and her crew are fabulous! Congrats on the new space!!! Nice addition to the Upper West.

    4. kathleen Connors says:

      Successful vision does the best glasses, the best lenses. I am sad to see them go

    5. EricaC says:

      Amanda Gagnon is amazing. She helped train my unruly dogs to be good citizens, and she does it by understanding and teaching them, not by hurting them. She is amazing.

      And I’m sorry to see Pain d’Epices go. They made some lovely things.

    6. UWSHebrew says:

      Pain d’Epices will not be missed by me. There were flies constantly around the baked goods, and their prices for some pastries were ridiculous.

      • JerryV says:

        My experiences with Pain d’Epices are very different from those of UWS Hebrew. I visited that shop countless times for pastries and family birthday cakes and never saw a single fly. Yes, their prices for pastries were ridiculous but these were standard prices for good french pastries (and these were the best I ever had on the UWS). The prices at “Paris Baguette” a Korean-run “French” pastry store on Broadway and 70th are similar and these have little resemblance to real French pastries. They are always crowded (location, location, location).

        • UWSHebrew says:

          Paris Baguette is tasteless and low quality. Best French bakery on the UWS is La Toulousaine. Besides the on-point pastries priced so reasonably, their breakfast menu such as egg omelettes are just fantastic.

          • JerryV says:

            UWS Hebrew, Thank you for tip on La Toulousaine. But it is too far away for me. We live on 69th and West End. If I can’t easily walk to it, it is out of my ‘hood.

      • boopsie says:

        I live three blocks away. Never went in.

      • Ye Olde Englishe Teachere says:

        Re “There were flies constantly around the baked goods, and their prices for some pastries were ridiculous.”

        Speaking of ‘Ree-dic-a-lus’: WHOSE prices? The bakery? The flies?? And, if so, what WERE the flies charging for pastries?

    7. Tom D. says:

      Boulevard Sea Food was open when I walked by Broadway and 105th early Sunday evening. Hadn’t seen any signage suggesting a grand opening was in the works, so maybe it was a soft opening.

      This is the replacement for Henry’s. Aside from changing the awning, the view from outside suggests little or no change in the layout, decor, etc.

    8. JerryV says:

      Gluten-Free is this era’s successor to sugar-free, fat-free, cholesterol-free, etc. that falsely promises to be healthier for you. Gluten-free baked products taste awful and only a tiny percentage of people (those with diagnosed coeliac disease or extreme sensitivity to gluten) really need to avoid gluten in their diets.

    9. Veronica says:

      I found the service at Pan d’Epices to be terrible. The staff was rude and indifferent. The prices were also quite high. I stopped shopping there awhile ago,

    10. Smithe says:

      Pain d’Epices will be missed by me. It was one of the first places I discovered when I was new to he neighborhood. While indeed pricey, they knew how to bake delicious things and I don’t mind paying for quality. Gluten free on the other hand is not for me. Hope it serves others well.

    11. Lisa says:

      Anyone know what is opening next to Soul Cycle in the 90’s on Broadway?
      Also is Joe Juice still coming to the 90’s in Broadway there is signage in the window but zero movement

    12. RK says:

      Isn’t “Gluten free bakery” an oxymoron?

      For people who can’t (or won’t) tolerate gluten, my sympathies.

      For everyone else- there is zero scientific proof that gluten is at all harmful. Sugar, on the other hand, is.

    13. Scott says:

      Anyone else having trouble getting in touch with SuccessfulVision? They closed too quickly before I could pick-up my contact lenses. Now their phone number is out of service.