A First Look at Menus From New UWS Restaurants Leonti and Boulevard Seafood

Leonti, the restaurant that replaced Dovetail at 103 West 77th Street off of Columbus Avenue, is focusing on the high end of the market, like its predecessor. It opened at the start of the month. There are lots of inventive Italian dishes on the menu, including cinnamon fettucine with wild boar ragu. The lobster pasta’s pretty snazzy too, as seen below.

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Lobster Pasta at the Upper West Side newcomer, Leonti. #leonti #upperwestside

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Entrees at Leonti tend to be in the $30 range, though the Branzino is $50 and the veal chop costs $52. See the menu below.

Boulevard Seafood just opened on Broadway between 105th and 106th, replacing Henry’s. The menu’s got day boat scallops, crab cakes, poke, and a few items for land-lovers like the Kale salad, the vegetable mezze plate and the duck spring rolls. “I have to say the food is great, the seafood menu is a welcome addition to the UWS, and with the same staff the ambiance is just as warm and friendly,” wrote David, who sent the image of the menu below.

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    1. Kathleen says:

      Wish the new guys had kept the name Henry’s and we HOPE that the decor hasn’t changed….or the wonderful jazz tapes, or the civilized sound level.That said, can’t wait to try the scallops!
      Bonne Chance!

    2. Barbara Buoncristiano says:

      Had the pumkin ravioli with porcini mushrooms. Excellent.

    3. Sayle Milne says:

      VERY excited to try the new place. We were die hard Henry’s patrons. That tuna pok√© is calling my name. Anyone know as to the wine list? Did it change as well?

    4. David says:

      I always wanted to pay 28 bucks for lasagna, and now I can.

    5. Darwin says:

      Amazing that Pine Management, those slumlords who own 103 W 77, manage to have high end restaurants on site. Guess they manage to heat THAT part of the building.

    6. Davie says:

      Leonti is going to have a rough time making it at that location and with those high menu prices. They’ll have sell a lot of liquor and wine to pay the rent and stay above water. Attracting a wealthy clientele on weeknights will be really tough. They’ll have to have a great PR and marketing team to attract private events and parties from expenses account deep pocket business/company folks. If the trendy,informed and wealthy young people think that there’s not much of a cool and hip scene there, they’ll stay downtown. Hey, who really knows! I could be wrong and this place becomes a fun, busy and crazy place. I hope I am. We’ll see.

    7. Frank says:

      Looking forward to dining at Leonti. The menu sounds fantastic and early reviews are good. It’s great we were able to keep a world class restaurant up here.

    8. Gena says:

      Friend & I just had lunch at Boulevard and it had the same feeling as Henry’s, the same staff is there, same nicely spaced tables. The food was excellent. And the lunch menu is much more extensive than Henry’s. We had shrimp tacos and pumpkin ravioli. Very happy & relieved to have that place back.

      And while I’m posting about food – the $5 burger at the new E’s Bar on B’way & 112/113 is terrific – he has it as a happy hour special all day long.

      • Tom D. says:

        Mmm, shrimp tacos. Will have to visit Boulevard just for that.

        And a $5 burger? Worth looking into, if it’s better than fast food. Some other good burger places in the 10Xs and 11Xs but all at $10+.

    9. Joe says:

      Those duck spring rolls were a long-time favorite dish of mine at Henry’s, I’m glad to see they survived the transition. I don’t eat seafood, though, so I’m not sure how often I’ll want to eat at this new restaurant. I’ll have to check out their full menu and see if there are some decent options for me.