Photo of the Day: A Colorful Symmetry

It takes a special eye to notice the symmetry in otherwise mundane parts of our daily lives. Amy Mosedale caught one of those casually delightful moments on West 101st Street this morning. Or as she put it: “Serendipity.”

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    1. F. Shtopp says:

      Well-seen !

      But, for future reference (AND if knees can handle it) better shot from chrysanthemum-level to minimize the big open space between flowers and cars.

      • Patrick says:

        I like the open space. Creates a kind of tension. Like when you’re on one side of the street and someone interesting is on the other.

    2. Lorraine says:

      Fantastic, Amy! Love that you saw this.

    3. Laura Horgan says:

      Wow what an amazing photographer! You should hire her!