Rumormill: Latest UWS Bookstore Will Open on Friday

Renovations are being completed at a fast and furious pace at the new Shakespeare & Co. at 2020 Broadway between 69th and 70th Streets. And now tipster Susan, who spoke to the owner, tells us that the shop is set to open on Friday.

A company rep could not confirm the opening date and time, but said information on the opening will be coming out very soon.

We wrote more about what to expect at the new bookstore here.

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    1. JeffS says:

      Just read the article referenced above. Then I thought about our local library. Are newly reopening book stores for the trendy folks and the Library for the little kids and the elderly? I’m glad a new book store is opening, but have you checked out the resources at the St. Agnes branch on Amsterdam Avenue and 82nd Street including all the CD’s and DVD’s they keep on hand? This note is just a reminder that our little neighborhood jewel is still there. No, they don’t serve croissants and coffee, but their literary fare is not too shabby.

    2. Old Timer says:

      How about CDs? Vinyl LPs? 8-track tapes?

      Shoe button hooks? Buggy whip holders?

      • W 67th St says:

        Is your implication that books are obsolete?

        • Bruce E. Bernstein says:

          I think Old Timer is trying to be sarcastic about books, implying that they are no longer “hip.”

          which is moronic, to say the least. i still find reading hard copy books vastly superior to reading on my ipad (in most cases). i find most young students feel the same way. which is why Harry Potter sells so many books.

    3. AC57 says:

      Why did they wait so long? The ad for the bookstore came a few weeks after Albertine’s closed down after a short life back in 2015 or 2016… Why the wait, and the sudden rush to get work done?

    4. Lon says:

      Will Harry met Sally again?

    5. Jo Baldwin says:

      Any connection to the original Paris Shakespeare and Co.?

    6. satori says:

      well, the sad thing about bookstores today is this: someone can like a book “find” in browsing around, then can photo and send out the isbn or other identification on an amazon app, see the book there at a lower price and presto “click” order it online while simultaneously still looking at that physical book in the bookstore!

      • dannyboy says:

        But that “someone” would be taking unfair advantage of the bookshop owners. I’d hope that that “someone” was better than that.

      • Bruce E. Bernstein says:

        re: Sartori:

        there are a few words for people who would do something like that. I won’t use them here.

      • Ed says:

        You can pretty much do that for any product at this point. Books are not unique with regard to Amazon shopping.

    7. Paul Heikkila says:

      And they did open Friday. Nice little book store. Emphasis on little.

    8. Westsidegirl says:

      With Amazon as an option, I give this store two years..

    9. ScooterStan says:



      There is a large set of steep steps leading from the coffee-shop area (skimpy) to the book-shelves…and NO LIFT NOR ELEVATOR. So wheelchair/scooter users can get coffee, but no books.

      Bottom-line: “mobility-challenged real-book lovers” are still better-off at Book Culture, Barnes&Noble, OR Amazon Books (Time-Warner Center).

      And SHAME ON Shakespeare & Co. for NOT addressing this problem! It would’ve been easy during construction to install one of those teensy 1-person lifts (as at Crate & Barrel and Lincoln Center Theater) alongside the steps!