Seriously, What the Hell?

The top photo is Central Park on Monday and the bottom photo is Central Park on Tuesday. I mean, what the hell? How the hell are we supposed to react to this? How are the plants supposed to react to this? What sort of clothing should we wear?

The bottom photo of cherry blossoms was taken in the park by Robyn Roth-Moise; she says there are lots of cherry blossoms between 86th and 90th streets on the West side of the Reservoir.

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    1. Bill says:

      Whether it’s cold, or whether it’s hot … we’ll have weather, whether or not.

      Burma Shave

    2. dannyboy says:

      What the Heaven!

    3. There have been other years when the weather went from snow to flowers quickly. That’s not as concerning to me as the fact that we really are being impacted by climate change. It’s not about what clothing we should wear; it’s about what are we doing to help out to reduce our “carbon footprint”. We need to move from oil, gas and coal while switching very quickly to wind and solar. Our state government is not helping get there while pretending to be a friend of the environment.

    4. Regina says:

      If your only concern is how to dress for the weather, consider yourself a lucky person.

    5. Billythehippie says:

      Welcome to global warming!
      Just keep in mind the movie… “The Day After”.

      I’ve been fighting with all my hippie friends since the early 60s… and no one listens, now it’s too late !
      “The world has reached the point of no return.”

      All four seasons will be more “extreme” weather. You will also see higher tides and more flooding. Most likely if you are lucky you will never see in your lifetime. AMNH has given out a date “2145” as the crisis year.

    6. Wendy says:

      Foggy today ; I miss some of London, England, &, some of ‘Frisco, CA. When’s the cherry blossom festival in N.Y.C., 2018. Too much litter, too many tree branches on some sidewalks. The horticulture must be confused with our wicky-wacky-seesawing weather. Stop the chem trails. Adopt-a-Basket needed ; mo’ of. Are leis made from cherry blossoms ?

      • OriginalMark says:

        Truer words have never been written.

      • dannyboy says:

        The cherry tree cuttings in my apartment just blossomed! Required extra heat, southern light…

        …and a blast of hairspray!

      • Tom L says:

        Cherry blossoms make cherries. Which in NYC help feed the birds. Many of the trees around the reservoir were planted 100 years ago as a gift from Japan.

    7. Marcy says:

      I would love to see leis made from cherry blossoms! We are coming in tomorrow from Hawaii to spend three months. We figured spring clothing type. Now we have two extra duffles of ski type wear and had to hire a larger car at the airport. This weather affects more than the cherry blossems.luckily there is more than the weather that we come to nyc to enjoy. For all those that don’t feel sorry for us who live in Hawaii, you can feel better:the weather has been miserable here for the last 4 months. Muggy and wet, no sun! You New Yorkers are not alone wit the lousy weather..climate change is upon us, stick your stupid head out of the window, mr Trump.

    8. Patricia Fox says:

      It clearly has to do with climate change a non reversible force ….. all of nature is confused …… a sad state of reality.