Lincoln Center Hosting ‘Big Umbrella’ Festival for Children on the Autism Spectrum Starting Next Week

Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could, which will play at the Big Umbrella kickoff event.

Starting April 10, Lincoln Center will host an arts festival with performances and arts workshops designed for children on the Autism spectrum. Its the first month-long festival of its kind, according to the organization.

The Big Umbrella festival will have a kickoff event on Saturday, April 14 at the David Rubenstein Atrium starting at 10:30 a.m. It runs until May 6 and its “core objective is to enrich the lives of children on the autism spectrum through inclusive art that engages, educates, and inspires.”

The festival homepage is here.

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    1. Penny Heyman-Schwartz says:

      please consider such a program for adults 9of all ages) with challenges. i would be happy to have a face to face ( or at least a phone conversation) about the possibilities!
      Sincere thanks,
      Penny Heyman-Schwartz

    2. Phoebe says:

      Would it be appropriate for a twenty year old boy on the spectrum? Details? Anyone going/taking someone?

      • Legacy American says:

        @ Phoebe:

        I’m sure you did not mean any offense but I do have to wonder, would you refer to a mainstream, normal twenty-year-old male as a “boy”? Wouldn’t ‘young man’ be more appropriate?

        (Even if logical, as per my understanding that adolescence continues into the early twenties.)