Throwback Thursday: Business Cards and Receipts to Make Your Mouth Water

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West Side Rag reader David saved receipts and business cards from some iconic Upper West Side businesses and sent us the photo above to spark the memories of his fellow locals. Miss Grimble? Cafe Macondo? La Casbah? Anyone’s mouth watering?

“These are all places I ate at and miss,” he wrote.

Share your memories in the comments!

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    1. jezbel says:

      Receipt missing from one of my all time favorites, Mrs. J’s Sacred Cow on 72nd (or was it 79th) just west of B’way. Where the wait staff were all aspiring actors & singers. They house pianist would accompany them at least once a night in a big Broadway showstopper and you rooted for and applauded your server. AND the food was amazing. Prime rib and steaks so tender you could cut them with the side of your fork. Good food, good people, a delightful evening every time.

      • Zeus says:

        Mrs. J’s Sacred Cow was on west 72ns street between Broadway & West End Ave. South side, mid block.

    2. Paul RL says:

      Oh, how I loved Victor’s Cafe!

    3. kskorman says:

      Down three on 72nd was a dark fun restaurant for years – big long front bar on the right side – cannot remember the name – south side of the street middle of the block between WE and Bwy

      • Irene says:

        All State Cafe?

        • jezbel says:

          OMG, I totally forgot about the All State. Love the place. Great food. Good people. Would spend hours there before, during and after a meal. A great place to meet friends and talk all night.

      • KL185 says:

        The All State Cafe. Where Emerald Inn resides now. Ate at the All State for years — a great neighborhood place. Miss it still.

      • ms korman says:

        It might be the Allstate Cafe, which got it’s name from the sign that the owner found in his travels. It was a real hangout for theyoung crowd.

      • Zeus says:

        The Allstate Cafe

    4. Sherman says:

      There was an Italian restaurant Ernie’s on Broadway & 74th or 75th. I used to eat there a lot back when I was single.

      The food was average but it was reasonably priced and portions were big. I used to meet friends there all the time. The place was huge and always crowded but it closed about 15 or so years ago.

    5. Lincoln10023 says:

      One of my favorites was Noodles at the Bancroft Hotel on 72nd street. Asian and Italian noodle dishes for as little at $3.99 (1980’s prices).

    6. Jimbo says:

      Royale Bakery

    7. Flo says:

      I miss Teachers and Marvin Gardins

    8. Valerie Warner says:

      Anyone remember Gingerman,Saloon,O’Neal’s Balloon, and Eclair on West 72nd Street?

    9. Filatura says:

      …and how could I forget The Cherry, that odd conflation of diner and Japanese cafe, which was a fixture on Columbus between (IIRC) 78th and 79th.

    10. Filatura says:

      What — no receipts from Teachers, the big, dim haven with hearty, dependably good food and a friendly vibe, whether you ate there alone or with friends? Nothing from Mrs. J’s Steakhouse? I’m glad to see the stub from Macondo, however. It was opened by my young cousin from Colombia, who named his place, appropriately enough, for Gabriel Garcia Marquez’ mythical town. It wasn’t there long, but it was pleasant.

    11. Drew says:

      What about Dianes hamburger on Columbus 72-71
      Bancroft Hotel had a German resturant and a real old one is Fluer De Le French resturant on 72nd St, Captain Nemo Fish place on 72nd Street
      Tonys Italian downstairs on 72nd St all on 72nd St between Amsterdam and CPW

      • KL185 says:

        I remember Fleur de Lis on W. 69th off Broadway, a few steps down. And loved Nemo’s — had great fish there and the owner, Vicki, was great.

    12. Sylvie says:

      Teacher’s? Teacher’s Too? Their Shromp Pad Thai was the best anywhere. I still miss them after all this time

    13. NATALIE BLACHER says:

      Victor’s Cafe! Wow, went there with my Spanish class in the 1970’s.

    14. Gerry K says:

      Still hugely miss la Rosita at 108/broadway what a gem. And a poignamt nod to mikells jazz bar at 97/columbus.

    15. Jeff says:

      Anyone remember Teacher’s Too which was located on Broadway near Zabar’s? Is it true that it was run by teachers? Does anyone know the story?

      • Cato says:

        The original Teachers was on the Zabar’s block but they opened Teachers Too a block north (where the original Radio Clinic store had been before moving across Broadway) when Zabar’s was in the process of consuming the entire block.

        The two Teachers stores were identical. For about a year both versions ran at the same time. If you spent enough time in one of them, you might even forget which one you were in.

        I don’t know where they got the name from, but I’m pretty sure there were no teachers involved.

        • dannyboy says:

          There WERE teachers involved.

          Local Public School teachers ATE lunch there. (I was a P.S. teacher back in the day).

    16. UWSer says:


    17. Susan says:

      First, thank you all for sharing. Second, also remember The Cherry Restaurant on Columbus and 76th, Al Buon Gusto on 72nd between Amsterdam and Columbus, Swiss Chalet Barbecue on 72nd between, Columbus and CPW, Gleason’s Public House on Columbus and 79th, Vinnie’s Pizza on Amsterdam and 73rd, Diane’s, Tap-A-Keg, Ruelles, Café Central, La Fortuna and now we add Isabella’s and Scaletta to the ever-growing list. Oh and remember the Mexican restaurant on the corner of 70th and Columbus with the cute waiter, John Mayo…good times.

    18. GM says:

      O’Neal’s Balloon: i think I remember the waiters serving dinner wearing roller skates???

      • Meg says:

        I think the roller-skating waiters were at the Saloon restaurant across the street!

        • jezbel says:

          Yes, that was Saloon. They also had the upside down Christmas tree hanging from the ceiling. Owner was Stuart ? something. Before Saloon it was a Roast Beef & Brew with a big salad bar and a palm reader who worked the crowd at the bar.

      • Ye Olde Englishe Teachere says:

        Re: “the waiters serving dinner wearing roller skates???”

        WHY would your dinner be wearing roller skates?

        Recalls the great Groucho Marx shtick:
        “Last night I dreamed I met an elephant in my pajamas.
        But WHY would an elephant be wearing my pajamas?”

        • dannyboy says:

          “Groucho Marx shtick’

          You’re killing me here!

        • Legacy American says:

          ALICE KRAMDEN to Ralph: All this stuff you bought, Ralph, everything has to go back. Everything but the suits you had made, that is. The tailor doesn’t happen to know any elephants in need of a new wardrobe.

      • Cato says:

        There was only one “l” in “Baloon”. O’Neal had originally wanted to call it (obviously) “O’Neal’s *S*aloon”, but apparently New York law at the time prohibited using that word in a name. So they just changed the “S” to a “B”.

        • Legacy American says:

          Was the law connected-to Prohibition, perhaps? Otherwise, what could possibly be the objection to use of the word saloon?

      • Sean says:

        That was The Saloon.

    19. Paul G says:

      Loved Amsterdam’s!

      Teachers and Teachers Too
      Cafe Pertutti

      And the mexican restaurant in the 70s, I think right next door to the Promenade Theatre. Can’t remember the name.

    20. Steven says:

      Who remembers’s Wilson’s on 79th right off Amsterdam?

      There was also Penang (the original on Columbus between 72nd & 73rd) with the downstairs lounge. They had GREAT food & so moderately priced. I’d order their lunch special for like $8-9, a HUGE portion that included their soup & it would fill you up the entire day.

      Remember walking by H&H bagels on 80th & buying a hot bagel right from the over?

      Ah, the good old days.

    21. KittyH says:

      Popover on Amsterdam& 87th was our go-to place until its closing in 2014. Their Sunshine Cab Company sandwich lives on in our memory here as everyone’s favorite for lunch.

      • dannyboy says:

        psssst, big secret…

        Popovers at Schatze.

        But the guy is no “sweetheart”.

        Keep it to yourself, OK?

    22. Longtime westsider says:

      Also loved Chips Pub on Columbus where the ABC newscasters used to hang out. Does anyone remember the name of the upscale northern Italian restaurant on Amsterdam Ave between 67th and 69th St in the 70s? ( a few stores to the left of the 5 and 10). Thanks!

      • jezbel says:

        Chip’s was my all time favorite. It was kind of dumpy, but their veal picata and fried zucchini was the best I ever had. Great fun atmosphere. I worked at ABC radio news down the street and all our people hung out there. Even Roger Grimsby before the evening news and Harry Reasoner before the network broadcast.
        I was once there when their mouzer cat killed a mouse under a table in dining room. No one even batted an eye.

    23. jezbel says:

      Who remembers Mikel’s the jazz club up on Broadway at about 100th Street? And the house band Stuff? Best musicians in town. And there was a nice little restaurant just down the street called The Library. Good food, great prices. That goes back a LONG way.

    24. Bettina says:

      I’m reaching far back, but does anyone remember Cafe Tel Aviv on 72nd?

    25. James Ryan says:

      Mouth watering? Maybe later, after I process the wistful nostalgia…

    26. Always an UWS gal says:

      Loved Teachers and Marvin Gardens! Especially the fettucini alfredo at MG. Also Cleopatra at @ 93rd and Broadway – west side of B’way. When it went out of business, the new owners simply re-purposed the individual blue letters from the old sign and named it “At Our Place!”