Caption Contest: Somebody Lose Their Shoes?

Everyone loses their shoes once in a while, but this is quite a place to lose them.

Or, is this just a picture of an invisible person waiting for the subway?

Please provide your theories in the comments.

Photo by Barry Langer.

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    1. james says:

      Man spontaneously implodes while trying to navigate weekend train schedule.

    2. yrag says:

      The only person deemed worthy has been taken up in the Rapture.

    3. manhattan Mark says:

      The message is don’t stand to close to the edge!

    4. Local Poet Expressing Hisself says:

      As they may say in Russia, “Try ‘Putin-On’ these shoes!”

    5. francesca says:

      “Ain’t it good to know, you’ve got a friend.”
      Yes, you.

    6. Edith Tyson says:

      Next Marvel movie blockbuster now being filmed in NYC Subway – “The Invisible Man”.

    7. Vainqueur says:

      The Phantom of the Opera?

    8. GigiH says:

      C’mon, you expect trainers to take the bus?

    9. Robert Barat says:

      “The Invisible Man: Now playing at Lincoln Center”

    10. J says:

      Another thing for uwsiders to protest: height of these high tops.

    11. Lois says:

      I can’t even guess, but what a great photo!

    12. Lois says:

      Aha! What a fabulous photo? I have a theory: it was the photographer in the subway station with his cell phone.

      It’s art!

    13. Og says:

      Sole Cycle.

    14. Kim Burke says:

      You never know a person until you walk in their shoes.

    15. S. Hayes says:

      The abdominal slowman…

    16. Wendy says:

      How many shoe brands made in U.S.A. ? Is the person homeless? Remember @ the N.Y.P.D. guy who gave away his Boots ? Similar re some Shoes in England, ? Anyone read the history of the Nike brand? [joke :] Maybe the person faded away, waiting for the correct Subway train. I prefer much of London Transport. There used to be a guy from the country of Jamaica; E. 57th St. area — who made shoes. Remember Haley Mills re song “Cobbler…”, ? Also, “All G-d’s children got shoes.”

    17. Dee says:

      Dang! I forgot to sprinkle the invisible powder on my shoes! Again.

    18. Randy says:

      “Beam me up, Scotty”

    19. Jodi says:

      To ease your commute, always take a pair of smelly sneakers with you to clear out people on the platform.

    20. MC Barton says:

      Pacing the Platform

    21. tony says:

      “If you want to forget all of your problems, wear a pair of small shoes”. The person abandoned their small shoes to face life’s problems head on. Bring ’em on!

    22. Chris says:

      Oh there they are!! I’ve been looking everywhere…

    23. Karen H. says:

      It’s the Invisible Man, and he’s naked. But even he won’t go barefoot in the NYC subway.

    24. dannyboy says:

      I see lots of people change out of their sneakers and into business shoes on their way to work.

      I guess men are getting into that now.