Two Local Stars to Root for on Oscar Night

Chalamet (left) and Peele (right).

With the Oscars just hours away, it’s worth noting that many Oscar nominees tend to hail from the Upper West Side — either they grew up here or moved here later on. This year, there are at least two stars worth watching.

Jordan Peele, the director and writer of widely acclaimed film “Get Out” is up for Best Director and Best Screenwriter, and the film is up for Best Picture. Peele grew up in the neighborhood and attended Calhoun, the private school with locations at 433 West End Avenue and 160 West 74th Street. He also attended PS 87 on West 78th Street.

Update: And the Oscar goes to….!

Timothée Chalamet, nominated for Best Actor for his performance in “Call Me By Your Name”, attended Booker T. Washington Middle School, also known as JHS 54, at 103 West 107th Street. For high school, he went to La Guardia at 100 Amsterdam Avenue. (One fan blog says he also went to PS 87 for elementary school, but we couldn’t confirm that.)

If you know of other Oscar nominees from the neighborhood, let us know in the comments.

Photos by Elena Ringo and via Wikimedia.

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    1. SMN says:

      Francis McDormand has lived with her family on the UWS for years.

      • Steven says:

        She sure does. I saw her once at a photo lab on Amsterdam & in line at the Duane Reade.

        • SMN says:

          I had the pleasure of being introduced to her and she was so friendly and unassuming. A very likable and unique woman.

      • Gretchen says:

        Yup, she and husband Joel Coen are on WEA around 75-76th St. The WEA walk of fame.

    2. James Ryan says:

      Frances McDormand; lives on Upper West Side with husband Joel Cohen when in town, and winner last night for THREE BILLBOARDS…

    3. Mary says:

      Jordan Peele is one of the most talented writer/director/producers out there right now. The UWS raised a gem, locally schooled too. We should be so lucky.

    4. kari jo cates says:

      Jordan Peele also attended The Computer School, MS 245, 100 W 78th st. A big night for the UWS!

    5. Big Earl says:

      I’ve seen her at Fairway over the years. Down to earth and treated like just another cog in the chaotic wheel that is the Fairway shopping experience.

    6. Joan says:

      I hear that Frances McDormand lives on UWS?

    7. Janet Sullivan says:

      Yay, Timothee: You were wonderful in the movie and I too, went to Booker Tee and LaGuardia, long before you. Great education. Jane

    8. Deb says:

      Frances McDormand!

    9. RV says:

      I wonder how many things in Get Out came from Jordan Peele’s experience growing up in the UWS…

    10. Lynn says:

      And Greta Gerwig went to Barnard College (Class of 2006)